Sunday, May 14, 2006

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  • Rainbow Six Las Vegas

  • Raiden III (Ps2)

  • Rampage Total Destruction

  • Ratchet:Deadlocked(ps2)

  • Red Steel (Wii)

  • Rogue Trooper

  • Rogue Galaxy (Ps2)

  • Rugby 06

  • Rumble Roses XX

    Anonymous said...

    Hi I'm stuck on the falcar recommendation quest the body of the guy that's supposed to be in the well isn't there. The green marker points into a wall.

    Nice site though.

    The Elderly said...

    thanks anon.. There has to be a body in the well,

    (assuming you got the key to open the well from Deetsan and found the well and climbed down into water filled well)

    Vidkun's floating corpse is initially off to your right when your enter the well.

    without the body you can't get the ring..... it's either the most unusual bug i've heard of or you haven't spotted the body yet.

    just did some checking and a missing body in the well isn't a recognised glitch