Monday, June 19, 2006

Retro Midwinter

It is 60 years since a meteor struck planet earth, the climate has been pushed into a new ice age. Continents have collapsed, millions have died. Survivors have found a remote island (Midwinter), and with the help of some technology, in the shape of heat mines, life becomes bearable again. A peace force is set up to gurantee law and order , however all is not well. Disgruntled settlers form an army and lead a march to take over the entire island. You as peace force captain John Stark must stop them.

Roam a fractal-generated, 160,000-square-mile, 3-D polygon-filled landscape. Hang glide, ski, snowmobile, or travel by cable car. Recruit up to 32 npcs to aid your efforts, but be warned, love affairs, hatred, jealousy, admiration, all play their part in determining the chances of one person recruiting another.

Released 1990 for Amiga, Atari ST and DOS

Awarded 92% by Amiga Format

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gnome said...

Ah... An amazing game indeed, unfortunately not remeber by many. Seems like only the Elderly can really appreciate such gems and scoff at their sequels!

The Elderly said...

I played it the hard way, seemingly there was a bug in the first game that allowed you to walk straight into the base and blow it up. Game over.

a small oversight

gnome said...


Never heard of such a (tiny) problem.

The Elderly said...

It was also the first game to include model specific damage. So if you got shot in the leg you limped. The sniper scope bobbed more if you were tired or exhausted. No wonder I was so happy, the game was at the cutting edge.

...the days huh!

gnome said...

Ah....yes. Those were the days of driving a Snowbuggy with a mouse...

The Elderly said...

LoL ....chortle even

now i'm riding oblivion horses with a controller. Time waits for no man