Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mass Effect 3 Femshep Forum Avatars

Straight from the elderly workshops, and still smarting from the blonde femshep poll landslide on facebook,  Mass effect 3 forum avatars for your delectation.
right click, view image, for 400x73
click image for 550x100 (which fixes the last avatar's logo spacing)


gnome said...

(hangs sign)

Elderly's fine arts and entertainments.

Handcrafted and photoshopped bits to make you and your spouse's life this bit better.

The Elderly said...'s a ... a beautiful sign.. :)

(as tears blossom in the old man's eyes he bows to the generous Gnome..)

.. thank you!

gnome said...

(bows back)


The Elderly said...

..ooops!! oh dear!...sorry bout that... almost impossible to get Gnome friendly furniture these day..

(takes saw..and cuts legs off coffee table...)

....there that's better :)

gnome said...

Now, that goes beyond the call of courtesy. Thank you. Uhm, could I grab them legs for the fireplace?

The Elderly said...

..nope it's the least I can do...

(Elderly places a stepladder against sofa, then wraps the coffee table legs, tieing them with a yellow ribbon....) ya go.... :)