Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Game Code to Film Costumes an insight

Game adaptations of films have always given me goosebumps. Film studio's and their blood rush to maximise a film's franchise earnings, have contributed to a growing catalogue of unplayable and abysmal offerings.

A quick googly search for some recent offerings, shows that unfortunately the trend is set to continue. You'd think some accountant would notice flop after infamous flop, but apparently there is still some money to be made in rushing a title to market to coincide with a film's release.

So I sat back and smiled smugly to myself, secure in the knowledge my filmgamedar and goosebumps will protect me well into the future. But the smile quickly vanished as I noticed a copy of Doom in my dvd collection.

Several minutes later, and out of breath I scanned my hastily scribbled list of game to film adaptations in my dvd collection. And for the last hour have searched and searched for an excuse as to why my Bloodrayne (yes both of them) dvds are nestled next to my much cherished copy of Blade Runner, and despairing that a copy of the straight to dvd release of Dead Or Alive, is rubbing shoulders with my copy of Downfall.....

So the images above an apology of sorts and the dawning of some insight as to why I'm a complete sucker for game to film releases..... :(

From top to erm...bottom
  • Angelina Jolie in her role as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider 2001
  • Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine in 2004 Resident evil Apolcalypse
  • Eri Otoguro Onechanbara 2008


gnome said...

Somebody hexed you. That's the only rational explanation I can find. Oh, and Angelina's face does look, well, weird; not that I would complain or anything...

The Elderly said...

... I'm cursed? ! ?
now that's a much more legitimate explanation, and if true I have therefore no reason to apologise.... :)

Angelina's face?...haven't gotten there yet, mesmerised at the size of the veins on her arms...ok moving up...? ! erm this could take some time..

DEITRIX said...

I thought for sure you were dead... .. I guess I will have to come back myself now as well.

Great to see you ole chap!

The Elderly said...

Hiya Deitrix!!! :) been looking at your work, jeesch your talent has blossomed...

(Big Squeezy hug for Deitrix....)

..erm well yes, ahem!

Dead no, more void..

...three years in Gnome's dungeon, after an ill fated journey to fetch a bottle of booze...

Odd though, followed Gnome's directions to the letter and still got lost... lol

Good to see you back Deitrix, and yes please, a comeback, wanta see what you've been up to.... :)

gnome said...

Things are getting as lovely as Angelina's very lovely nostrils in here.

The Elderly said...

Wait wait!........still making my way up.... but yes I am a very happy and fortunate elderly person :) Indeed!!

(considers round of hugs...notices Gnomes ears flick...)

...erm.. tea?

gnome said...

No. Nostrils will do.

(staples ears)

On second though, yes please.

Teat will do.

The Elderly said...

(stares in shock at Gnome stapled ears...)

...ouch but that looks painful..

I'll get some tea so and some painkiller, milk?, morphine? one lump or two?

gnome said...

gnnnnnn... two please.

How do masochists do that?

The Elderly said...

(readies morphine syringe and adds two lumps of sugar to Gnomes tea...)

...dunno... beats me! :)