Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyrim Vampire Cure

Disease to some, to others a way of life, in the never ending story that is Skyrim.

People keep saying I look sick!
Thankfully Bethesda inform you when you've contracted Sanguinare Vampiris, however if you've missed it then off to the "Magic" menu with you (press b, then left on your controller), once there select the last option "Active Effects" and see what ails you. You may not have contracted vampirism just yet.

Oh no!! I'm a vampire!!!
Don't panic, you've got 72 hours (game time) to find a cure before you reach Stage 1

Stage!! whadda mean stage?
There are four stage of vampirism, each bringing with it a gradual change in your demeanour. 
Gradual aversion to sunlight, health, magicka and stamina are reduced and do not recover,
A gradual weakness to fire,
A increasing benefit from "feeding" on npcs
Increased ability to reanimate dead bodies to fight for you.

But I digress, full details on the stages and the benefits of being a vampire from the definitive Skyrim Wiki. 

So a cure already!!
Within the first 72 hours, you can get rid of the disease with any common disease-curing potion, or by visiting an altar in a  church or altar in front of a Statue of the Eight (ie. Talos in Whiterun).

Once you’re a Stage 1 vampire, normal disease cures won't work

Stage 1, Too late!, my mother's going to kill me!
Speak with any Inn Keeper or Bartender about rumors. You'll discover that a man called Falion in Morthal (east of Fort Snowhawk) is studying vampires!!

If you haven't got one, Falion will sell you a Black Soul gem, and a soul trap book (read to activate).

Before being cured, you’ll need to fill the Black Soul Gem

Fill a Black Soul Gem!? how the ...?
Cast a Soul Trap spell on a bandit, or npc, then ..erm...kill them!!

A soultrap Spell?..... don't got one!
How to use and where to get a Soul trap spell from the aforementioned wiki

I got it!!! :) back to Falion?
Yup, speak to Falion to complete the ritual and voila, cured!!!.

Talk to Falion? When he's attacking me?
If your at stage 3 or stage 4 there's a good chance Falion will attack you!! bug fix on the way I hope.  One work around from the forums is to feed on someone before you go.. if you feed, you'll drop back to Stage 1

To hell with this nothing works!
...and for some of you this is unfortunately true, there is an instant cure but that means turning into a werewolf...and that's a whole other story.


Bickle77 said...

I know people who thought it was awesome to be a vampire in Oblivion. I thought it totally sucked (bad pun definitely intended). Thanks for the guide, I'm bound to get caught out sooner or later.

Now being a werewolf though its totally fantastic. The only downsides: you don't get the restful bonus after sleep, you can only use it once a day.

The Elderly said...

lol, clever pun :)

Werewolf eh? hmm it would be nice to have hair again, :)

I think I'll start a new character, can't bring myself to ruin my current character's Nordish good looks...

Bickle77 said...

Dont worry, Wolfy-time is only temporary and you choose when to change. Handy for clearing out particularly difficult dungeons. Lovely Nord face returns after about an hour :)

The Elderly said...

:) bring on the wolfery then!!!

(Sound of wolves howling in the distance.... elderly growls back...)



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