Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ps3 Queing, Unboxing, and User interface

With only 100,000 units of the PlayStation3 available to consumers at the Japanese launch, stocks were bound to sell out within hours. And within minutes the console was already fetching ridiculous prices on auction sites. The 60GB model, which sold for an average price of 59,800 yen ($508) at retail is selling now for around 90,000 yen ($765) on Yahoo Japan's Auction site. The 20GB model, which retails for 49,980 yen ($425), is going for 70,000 yen ($595). The following videos give a sampling of what all the fuss is about.

Ps3 Launch
From berlintrax on youtube

Unboxing the Ps3
From CheapyD on youtube

Ps3 User Interface
From WiShApOnAsTaR88 on Youtube

Ps3 Official Website

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fatherkrishna said...

WOW! and WOW! again...
I must admit i was impressed by the first 2 vids... but the third?
All I could think of the whole way through was the re-launch of the Dreamcast. Imagine a whole feature on the virtues of the DC. OK folks so we've got another console to sell... This little baby costs about £17. Games cost about £2.50 each. Its Internet compatable... With a broadband adaptor it's capable of accessing the 'net at good speed. It's got a VGA plug in that renders sumptuous graphics...
MP3 capacity, the ability to play VCD's, and Wii style motion sensor controllers... you can play Soul Calibur and use the fishing rod in a way that makes swinging the controller swing your sword. It has the capacity to interract with voice recognition for launch games such as 'Caution Seaman' (want a human faced fish-man pet that asks you questions and 'remembers' your answers?) the microphone plug in can do that!
Light gun action? It's there for our premier launch titles, 'House Of The Dead', 'Confidential Nission', 'Crimson Death OX' and new graphically rendered'Virtua Cop'... And if you want to go ALL OUT with your Dreamcast try using the Keyboard for the very innovative game 'Typing of the Dead'... type responses to cues from the game, against a friend! We've got peripherals to die for!
Yes at Dreamcast we've got it all and remember... All this gameplay for less than a 'next gen' game!
Come on people... Make it Dreamcast! And enjoy fabulous gameplay at Rock Bottom Prices!
Top Ten 'Launch Titles..'
1. Shenmue 1&2
2. Jet Set Radio
3. Soul calibur
4. Samba De amigo
5. House Of the Dead 2
6. Space Channel 5
7. Caution Seaman
8. Sega Smash Pack
9. Metropolis Street Racer
10.Virtua Tennis 1& 2...
Plus these games...
Crazy Taxi
Super Runabout
Surf Rocket Racers
Powerstone 1&2
Sega Soccerworld (Euro Edition)
Dead Or Alive 2
...and the list goes on...
All your's for buttons... and at no risk of the 'online' options raping your personal details with spyware!
Come on Elderly! Forget Gears Of War and throw you're lot in with us Dreamers...

The Elderly said...


if i was and eskimo i'd buy ice from you... rather extraordinary and unarguable case for dreamcast.... i'm beaten.... not that i had to be convinced anyway, but it's a while since i've heard such a lavish and praiseworthy marketing pitch..... it was worth holding out.... a hunting we will go a hunting we will go... after gears of war... ahem.... oh an devil may cry 3 special edition and for the life of me i must get back and finish oblivion and reach the end of aeon flux (i started it so i'll finish it...although why i started is beyond me)

theres a neat little poundstretcheres near me... worth a visit to see what shape the dreamcasts are in... untill then i hope this swirl tattoo will show my allegiance to the cause.......

yep i am definitely not the best, heading to bed before night becomes day....... adieu......

and the beat goes on........