Sunday, November 11, 2012

THE Wii U Unboxing Video but No Optical Audio

Wii U Unboxing Satoru Iwata
Wii U Release Date: US November 18th, EU and Australia November 30th, Japan December 8th

Well you can't get more authorative than this, Mr. Satoru Iwata, complete with white gloves, as he unveils Nintendo's great hope.

Alf The Helper: There's no optical audio support...
Elderly: What!? Alf I wish you'd stop doing that..
Alf The Helper: Just sayin, jeezh!! ....
Elderly: Wait... your telling me theres no optical sound option.... but..
Alf  The Helper: There's digital output in the form of a HDMI cable, so if you've got a HDTV with HDMI output hooked up to a soundsystem with HDMI input your laughing, provided of course your TV coverts the sound properly.

But we're going to need to buy a HDMI to Optical decoder if you want to hear in 3D... less your HDTV has an optical output, though I must warn you many is the HDTV that has optical output but dosen't convert multi channel sound.... like yours mr.Elderly!!

Elderly: :( how much for a decoder...
Alf The Helper:  a half decent one about $200 or €160....just hope that some third party bring out a HDMI cable with an optical inset, like ye old Xbox cable
Elderly: :( I need to sit down now....

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Bickle77 said...

Yikes. All that optical audio stuff has given me a headache! Wii U looks cool though!

Elderly Gamer said...

Yeah sorry bout that, Alf's a bit intense sometimes :)
Wii U does indeed look cool, and an extra screen for gaming goodliness is sheer visual gluttony!