Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Indiana Jones, Euphoria and DMM

While the last two gaming outings weren't anything to write home about, they weren't an embarassment either, and so it came to pass that LucasArts used Indiana Jones to lead their E3 line up this year.

Set to launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 featuring an original story written under the direction of George Lucas. What sets this planned release apart from the crowd are two technology advances, which from all accounts will revolutionise the way we play games.

Hype I hear you say well bear with me a sec. For the first time ever, characters will move, act and even "think" like actual human beings without the limitations of traditional game animation,. Indie and his foes will all adapt realistically to their given situations on the fly, resulting in unique gameplay moments that will never be repeated. Still not convinced, read the following from Animation Magazine, Lucas Arts brings Euphoria to Indiana

Digital Molecular Matter
It lets materials in the environment react like their real-world counterparts. Wood buckles and splinters realistically. Ice and glass cracks and shatters. And metal bends and dents under extreme force. More detail on Kotaku

Screenshots (10) from Gamers Reports
E3 impressions from IGN
E3 impressions from firingsquad
Indiana Jones Official website (next gen game trailer)

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gnome said...

Hah, Indy... How about Monkey 5?

The Elderly said...

LucasArts director Jim Ward has officially stated in an interview with E3 that the older games, of the glory days, won't be back until 2015. So far, they've got their mind focused on other ideas and other games, particularly the new Indiana Jones game for the Xbox 360, and those older games might take some time to be looked into. source

remind me to tick Jim ward of my christmas mailing list.