Friday, August 12, 2011

First Look Rise of Nightmares Xbox 360 Kinect

Okay first off an admission....I don't have Kinnect! and up until now the only thought I ever gave the peripheral was, where would I put one?  Entrenched as I was with my less than passing regard for this piece of wizardry I was certain that unless ordered by my doctor to exercise more often, then Kinnect and it's family friendly titles would never grace the doors of my shack.

Until that is, I read the following......

"At one point I was bludgeoning some zombie or other with a scooped-out chest cavity and a Rod Stewart haircut." Christian Donlon Eurogamer

Rise of Nightmares is a survival horror fps developed and published by Sega.
pegged for release September 2011.

Kidnapped in Eastern Europe (saving you plently of rendition time) you must survive the night in a mad scientist's (Viktor) castle that unfortunately seems to hold a number of less than friendly undead inhabitants.

Red Band Trailer on Youtube (sign in, sign up verification),
or  for any mammal with fleshy digits, age verification entry to the Official Sega Website

Alf the helper: So where's the video then?

Elderly: It's too graphic to show here..

Alf the helper: That bad huh? you could do with a leprechaun then?

Elderly: No!


gnome said...

This Alf is quite a conservative little helper, isn't he?

Violence? Thanks for not posting any graphic and/or gratuitous videos wise friend.

The Elderly said...

...that he is, but I sense a change a coming... for a start he's been asking about getting paid...imagine!

begining to miss the leprechaun though.. and Alf... well he's not Sheamus... sniff!

(borrows a hankie from Gnome...)

gnome said...

(pats Elderly's sore back)

Yes, nobody compares to Sheamus really.

And getting paid? Pah! He's a bloody radical this one.

The Elderly said...

...indeed the cheek of it! a roof over he's head, one meal a day... he should be happy to be ensl... employed...

(considers what Alf might look like in a leprechaun suit....)


(..kicks leprechaun...returns Gnome's hankie...)

gnome said...

Thank you. It was an old favourite one. Just like this most appropriate video:

The Elderly said...

Lol indeed a rare treat after a hard day... thank you, you most uplifting Gnome, with honarable credit the Mr.Clease..:)

gnome said...


The Elderly said...

(..removes piece of tofu calamarie from Gnomes teeth....practices his spelling...)

honerable, honoureble, honourrrble...


onerabuble.. hmmph!

gnome said...

Ah, forget it. Here, I sculpted a lovely tofu fillet!

The Elderly said...

:( ....

(walks slowly backwards away from Gnome and the proffered meat substitute...)