Monday, September 05, 2011

Dead Island Reviews, App and Comic

Out tommorrow in Us and due 9th September in EU

Dead Island is a first person horror action-adventure, with online cooperative gameplay, centered on the challenge of surviving on a zombie-infested island ("hordes" of them) with a strong emphasis on melee combat.

The force has been strong with this  ever since a questionable short trailer first set tongues wagging. The game has it's own iOS app and a Dead Island comic previously only available as a printed limited edition at the last July's San Diego ComiCon is now available (well 8 pages) for viewing through the official website.

What little reviews there are present for the Ps3, the gist of 16 xbox 360 reviews deal with critiscm concerning game presentation, occasional glitches, and texture loading. Though praise has been heaped on the atmosphere and success in the realisation of a survival horror RPG. Dead Island currently stands with 75% xbox 360 and 72% Ps3 scores on Metacritic

Quote of the bunch:
Did I enjoy this game? Absolutely. Did it scare the crap out of me at times? 100%.

Reviews Summary:
Dead Island's clumsy horror-action role-player is the definition of an acquired taste
Dead Island distinguishes itself. A gory and exhilarating game.
The most realistic recreation of the inevitable and oncoming zombie apocalypse in video game history
Twitch action with an MMO's girth minus the grind cements the game as co-op classic.
Less memorable than the CG trailer that skyrocketed the buzz around its name
What fans of zombie horror films and RPG-Action games have waited for
Boils down to walking across an island of hungry corpses and back again
A gigantic island freely explorable, tons of quests and permanent sense of fear
It's inspired, but turgid. Brilliant, but flawed. Fun, but infuriating.

Elderly: Yes eventually
Alf the Helper: Well are we getting this o.... oh I see what you done there..
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gnome said...

You are doing amazing things with those words you type, you know. Even sp-pp-p-oofing (sorry, had something stuck in my throat) zombie game trailers.

Oh, hi Alf.

(pets Alf)

The Elderly said...

Hiya Gnome :) welcome back! you were severely missed, my my you do look rested but...

(escorts Gnome to the newly installed heated vibration archair...gently sits him down and hands him the remote control...)

Shamefully the copy and pasting hasn't ended, but I'm at least a tad closer to writing my first review, give it a year or so. Still alot to learn at the hands of the master...

(bows to distinquished and deeply tanned legend....)

Now I've managed to procure some Jamaican rum in your absence... care for a little drop? perchance perhaps?

The Elderly said...

(whispers to Gnome...) you do know Alf is still a member of the proletariat?

gnome said...

Ah, tsk, poor Alf. Sad isn't it? Then again, I do believe it is only us that deserve to have their bottocks massaged by weird chairs while sipping rum.

I do like rum.

A lot.

Think we should demonize the workers a bit more then?

The Elderly said...

(passes Gnome a cuban cigar..ignores Alf...)

Nah I think he's had enough from us today.... besides what lessons we haven't imparted today our respective Governments aka IMF will teach him over the next few months...

here's to our leaders....

(pours more rum....)

gnome said...

Three cheers for them brave leaders then!

Hooray for their lesson teaching abilities!

Hoorah for the bankers!

Hey, that's a most exciting rum, innit?

fatherkrishna said...

*Father K slips in through an open window having eavesdropped incredulously outside, whilst the two sage like gaming gurus discuss their upward social mobility in the face of their home nation's dire finacial predicaments...*

Right! Firstly I want to know exactly when you two joined the borguoisie... Are you profitting from the importation of Cuban mafia controlled rum and contraband cigars??

Secondly, I want to know what "bottocks" are... and where can I get hold of some?

Thirdly I want to know if I can have some rum and one of those cigars?

And finally, I'd like to know exactly how good Dead Island really is... So I'll be buying it very soon! I really can't see what I wouldn't like about it... Killing zombies? What's NOT to like?!

*Raises fist in solidarity with Alf and the proletariat everywhere*

The Elderly said...

@Gnome... quick, we've been rumbled put on these workmens clothes..

@Father Krishna... erm Greetings to you! it is so good to have you back again. now we do need to clear this most erm.. see it's not what it seems like, Gnome and I were... well we were.. am ... pretending yes... we were a pretending, putting ourselves in the shoes of the bourgeosie to better understand their... am so we could am overthrow them. .yes isn't that right Gnome...

(looks at Gnome..... pours FK a large glass of rum and retrieves a cigar from the oaken thermidore thingy...)

and the bottocks, fraid Gnomes the expert there.... :(

...aren't you comrade Gnome

(removes shackles from Alf's Ankles...)

fatherkrishna said...

Oh I see! You were pretending! Well that explains it! Now Gnome... take me to those bottocks!

The Elderly said...

..Phew!!! that was touch and go...

...yes ye head off to find those bottocks and I'll order us a nice curry for your return...

Alf you can have the rest of the day off!

gnome said...

Those are pretend buttocks too dear Father I'm afraid. Just like Elderly said. Proletarians can't afford proper ones you see. Anyway. I could let you have a peek.

And, uhm, Elderly, how soon till the curry?

The Elderly said...

Oh dearrrr

Well I started cooking it on the 11th, kept it bubbling through the early hours of the 12th, I waited and waited.. and when I woke up!!

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Well it's... gone!!! :(

gnome said...


The Elderly said...

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gnome said...


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I see.

New plan.

We intimidate the thing!

The Elderly said...

8( intimidate? Ripper?

What you want me to take out my teeth?

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nice spidey!

gnome said...

No, no, intimidate. Like, uhm "I'll crush your spidey legs" or something.

Oh well... run away!

The Elderly said...

...? I'm not running! just well more... well insurance really..

do you really think it would work?

(summons courage to stand in front of Gnome and intimidate Ripper)

Alright you bug eyed freak! your gonna tell us who took the soup or Gnome here is gonna rip off your mandibles... the razor sharp tungsten steel.. gulp! vibrating..mandibles...

Gnomeeeeeeee!!!! :(

gnome said...

Right. That does it.

(rips of one mandible)

NOW will you be quiet you demonic beast from hell?

Ah, good.


Now, to fix you up...

The Elderly said...


(elderly stands transfixed at the gory scene in front of him, Ripper seeks refuge in the cellar, his severed mandible lying in a pool of dark blood....and Gnome? well Gnome is Gnome..)

gnome said...

(smiley Gnome to be precise)


The Elderly said...

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gnome said...

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The Elderly said...


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gnome said...

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