Saturday, January 14, 2012

Neverdead Preview xbox 360, Ps3

Set for release on Xbox 360 and Ps3 on January 31st Us and Feb 3rd in EU. 

Neverdead faces stiff opposition, sandwiched as it is alongside the release for Final Fantasy xiii-2 and the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. Even the game's Megadeth soundtrack may not be enough to boost initial sales.

You play a wise cracking demon hunter called Bryce Boltzmann, an immortal, able to survive severe injuries, even decapitation. Indeed it appears dismemberment is a crucial gameplay element, losing your gun arm for example will still not prevent you from pulling the trigger.

It seems poor old Bryce was cursed by Astaroth, a demon king, and 500 years of immortality has left him a disheveled, bitter alcoholic who hunts down demons for both money and revenge. A demonic invasion theatens the city and joined by a female private investigator called Arcadia, the duo set out to rid the infestation.

The game is directed by Shinta Nojiri former game design disciple of Hideo Kojima

I'd love to show the trailer but it's an 18 cert, however a quick search on youtube will reveal all.

The official Website (not working at the time of posting)

Alf the Helper: I saw Jurassic Park! why can't....
Elderly: No Alf! You saw the poster for Jurassic Park, there's a difference
Alf the Helper: But Ripper was dismembered by Gnome and I saw that!
Elderly: Yes that was unfortunate, but my final answer is still NO!
Alf the Helper: You know sometimes I wish I was never born :(
Elderly: I know how you feel.....sometimes I wish you were never born too!
Alf the Helper: :(

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