Sunday, February 25, 2007

Greg Horn Fantasy Art

Greg Horn is an American comic book artist for Marvel comics and a cover artist for various publications. Perhaps best known for his unforgettable visions of Eecktra, his detailed and realistic painted characters and expressive lighting effects are unmistakable style elements in his work.

Greg Horn Official Website

Elektra Wallpaper

Clickable inkies


Ross said...

I remember Greg Horn's amazing art in PSM, especially the Lara art.

fatherkrishna said...

Greg Horn!! How apt as his pictures could induce one to get an... (Censored by SJY lawyers)

This guy's work is absolutely stunning. As is the selection of visual candy on "Rendered Beauty" which I hereby pledge to visit more often!

The Elderly said...

Ross to my great chagrin I can only find one lara psm image, but they must have been pretty special indeed

Indeed your lawyers appear to have qite a busy time FK, I've left a bottle of champagne on ice over on rendered just in case you need to erm... cool off