Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to apply a Ps3 skin

Hello! Alf the Helper here. :)

I'm assuming You've got your Ps3 skin, you've got your Ps3, the instructions either haven't come with your kit or they read like a novel and suddenly things are not looking as easy as you first thought. So if your confidence level isn't as it should be at this stage, these instructions I hope should be of some use to you.

Sitting comfortably, let's begin.

Prepare for a Shock
Your Ps3 might at this stage be connected to enough electricity to fling you across the far side of the room at the very least so remove any discs, controllers and disconnect your Ps3 from it's power source.

Working Surface:
Place your Ps3 SECURELY on a well lit, clean work surface.  Remember a fall from any height could be fatal, for your Ps3 that is.

The boring bit, Cleaning the Ps3:
Many skin manufacturers recommend you clean the surface with a lint free soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol aka surgical spirit.  Alternatively simply use a wet wipe and ensure you dry the surface with a lint free cloth afterwards.  The cleaning is necessary to get rid of gunge, cigarette smoke residue, grease and dust mites, nasty horrible little buggers.

Check to make sure you've left no lint or stray hairs, they will show up on the final surface.  Do not go touching the surface again.

Understand your Skin:
No you don't have to engage it in conversation, but do make sure you know where each piece goes especially for multi piece skin sets.  Start with the smaller pieces first, and avoid working yourself towards a heart attack by dealing with a large piece straight away. Working with smaller pieces gives you experience before you tackle large pieces, which always require extra special care and attention.

Have your tools to hand:
A pin or needle (for delinquent bubbles)
The skin panels
A soft dry, lint free cloth
A soft plastic squeegee or plastic card to help with smoothing out the skin.

Okay here we go:
First piece......deep breath, peel off the protective backing, (pull it slowly back onto itself, at a 180-degree angle) position the skin over the surface, but do not attempt to place the skin straight on in one go, rather start with one end/corner and slowly and smoothly ease the skin over the Ps3 surface.

Take care to smooth out the skin as you progress, avoiding any buckles, wrinkles or bubbles. Remember do not begin applying the skin until you have it positioned correctly, and avoid any other part of the skin touching the surface, while your easing it on.  Any bubbles that develop can be burst with a pin or needle.

Phew! time for a cup of tea and admire your handywork, remember there is no time limit.

Large Skin piece:
Although you can apply a large panel on your own, it may be no harm to ask a complete stranger for assistance, though I prefer family members, flat mates or even your friend, provided you haven't trounced her/him online recently.

Carefully fold back about 25mm of the backing paper, now line this edge up and get it fixed in place ensuring there are no wrinkles, Now Whilst your buddy or the complete stranger slowly peels off the backing paper you smooth the skin down from side to side. rubbing the surface as you go with a clean cloth, squeegee or plastic card can help avoid bubbles.  Any bubbles that do form can be burst with a pin or needle. Do not let your buddy remove too much backing paper at once. 

Remember this is not a speed test, slowly does it.

Further planned guides:
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Drinking tea next to your Ps3

Elderly: Delinquent Bubbles?
Alf the Helper: They exist!!
Elderly: Yeah they probably do, nice piece Alf, thanks!
Alf the Helper: What!!!???
Elderly: I'm proud of you, you did a good job
Alf the Helper: (...staggers...then faints...)
Elderly: Alf?


DEITRIX said...

hhhmmmmm... I think I will just dip it in a barrel of paint and be done with it.

Now back to my Guinness.. err or dark tea.

Alf The Helper said...


No no mr.Deitrix! you must not, is no good,
the paint she dries up and sticks together all the Ps3 itty little bits......

Please forgive the tea she is too strong, but Mr. Elderly says "you must be able to trot a mouse on it", otherwise she is not strong enough...

Maybe some more milk?

Elderly Gamer said...

Hiya Deitrix :)

( Reads comments..... )

Sweet jeesch...

Alf... apart from not really wanting to know why your using that silly accent, please, please tell me you not really trotting mice on every cup of tea your making....

Alf The Helper said...

No no mr.Elderly is fine, just one mouse....

Look see.... :)

(Takles out a little white mouse, fitted with heat resistant mouse boots and holds it up by it's tail to the perplexed elderly gamer)

DEITRIX said...

I was wondering why your tea always has that tang taste to it...

Elderly Gamer said...


I can only apologise, pay the necessary medical bills and never that let the little fe%$@r near a cup of tea again....

Here... please let me make you a fresh cup....

(fluffs up Deitrix's cushion...)