Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Concept Art

Due Japan Dec 31st with a US release to be announced, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is an action role-playing game, where forces of light and darkness are locked in battle. Unlike previous titles in the franchise, which offered action-heavy real-time strategy, Circle of Doom enters the Kingdom of Fire universe as an action RPG. The game uses characters and story threads from other games in the series, and will feature randomly generated environments, fast action, and -- at times -- thousands of enemies on screen at once. This Xbox 360 game features four-player online play.

Sangyoun Lee, president of Korean developer Phantagram and director of Ninety-Nine Nights said "The simulation aspects aren't as strong as they are in Kingdom Under Fire Crusaders. The action elements are strong. If you have to ask, it's close to Capcom's Devil May Cry. We're aiming for a new style of action RPG."

Concept art from IGN

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