Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crackdown Walkthrough

Seamus the Leprechaun here, guest thingy on what's his names.... okay so those of you who got the lovely map poster are probably smiling, those of you that didnt' might well benefit from having a peek at the following rather skimpy list of Cheats, tips and Walkthroughs...

Crackdown Walkthrough from TheGum on Gamefaq
Superguide (videos and all) from Mycheats
Cheats from IGN
Achievements video (spoilers) from Mycheats
Individual Achievements video from teamxbox
Achievements list from 360 gamer
Crackdown Official Website
Wallpaper (2) from Official Website

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Review God of War II (ps2)

Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth and defeat untold horrors and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever changed, his fate.

Scoring an astonishing 96% from 10 reviews on

Reviews Summary
GoW II completely eclipses its forefather, more blood, puzzles, cinematic presentation and fifteen minute long combos.
Delivers one of the best gaming experiences in the video game history
Sony's masterpiece, God of War II, trumps its prequel.
No review can truly capture the magnificence of God of War II
The graphics of GoW II are just as beautiful as ever with some of the best art direction in a game to date
It's not just one element that turned the game into a masterpiece, it's every element
PS2’s best first-party release.
God of War II may in fact be the best action game ever made.

IGN Full Review
1up Review
Official GoWII Website
GowII Overview on Wikipedia
see all "Gow II" Posts

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Godzilla Unleashed (Wii) Preview

Starring the legendary Godzilla and a planned 16 of the most renowned monsters of all-time, set against a backdrop of 8 separate environments. The World has infested by strange crystals that mysteriously attract the planet's monster population. Gamers are challenged to save the planet from mayhem and destruction. In addition to a fully reinvented combat system, Godzilla: Unleashed will feature an innovative non-linear storyline which will allow players to influence how the story unfolds through their choices within battles. Due Q4 2007, also available for Psp and DS.

Gamespot Preview
IGN Preview
1up Preview
Unleashed Atari Forum
Screenshots from 1up

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Greg Horn Fantasy Art

Greg Horn is an American comic book artist for Marvel comics and a cover artist for various publications. Perhaps best known for his unforgettable visions of Eecktra, his detailed and realistic painted characters and expressive lighting effects are unmistakable style elements in his work.

Greg Horn Official Website

Elektra Wallpaper

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Free Web Game Sites

A quick supplement to the Top Ten Web game sites

Pirate King Online
Fully realised 3D multiplayer online game, free to play with additional content available for purchase, hell it's got pirates!!!!

Arcade Pod

Find an online game from a database of over 1000+ free online games made with Java(tm), Flash and Shockwave technology.


More java, flash and Shockwave online favourites.

Helicopter Game
Just you, your helicopter and a 5cm drop to your doom

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Resident Evil Extinction Trailer

Hello Seamus here, guest blogger here on the feathery gamer. Denied an appropriate porn for Leprechauns post, I decided a shot of Milla Jovovich in suspenders would just have to do. The official trailer and behind the scenes footage were an afterthought.

The film is set 3 years or so After RE1 and RE2, and borrows plot elements from the game "Code Veronica". We find Alice hiding in the Nevada desert, teamed up with Carlos Olivera and L.J., along with new survivors Claire, K-Mart and Nurse Betty (Ashanti in a nurses uniform........)

Together the unlikely named bunch try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead. Now being undead can't be all bad if one was just left alone to get on with the whole zombification scene. But oh no, not content to let the undead... erm.. undie in peace, Milla and her buddies are intent on seeking justice.

Alice, Genetically altered (and wearing suspenders....), her super-human strengths, senses and dexterity are put to good use in what the Official website is declaring is her last adventure.

Set for general release 21st September 2007, Trailer upped by brian199232

Official Website
Extinction on Wikipedia
Behind the scenes youtube clips from neto2night
Extinction on IGN
Porn for Leprechauns Nurses post

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ghost Rider (2007) Movie

Despite rustling up $52 million and leading the box office field on it's debut, the film has only managed a grade of 35% from 17 reviews on Metacritic.

Time therefore to celebrate the wonder of hype, with some of the artwork that made the comic such a screaming success.

Ghost Rider Game Review
Ghost Rider Movie Website

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Sonic and the Secret Rings (Wii) Review

Sonic finds himself in the colorful and vibrant world of the Arabian Nights, where he embarks on his most outrageous journey to date through an expansive 3D world brought to life with realistic water reflections, light bloom and lifelike physics.

The game Currently on Shelves in US, makes use of the Ageia PhysX engine. and manages to score a healthy 76% from 7 reviews on
Reviews Summary
An encouraging sign that good Sonic games can still be made.
By no means perfect, it's tricky to master but once you do, it really shines.
Moments of greatness moments of imprecise control or insulting design choices.
Something that is definitely worth a rental, some might find it too short to be a purchase,
An excellent sense of speed and plenty of depth, makes Sonic fun again
Innovative single-player, but multiplayer is another low-budget "Mario Party" rip-off
A Sonic console game you can feel proud to own

Screenshots (147) from IGN
Official Website
Sega Sonic Fan Boards
Japanese Site

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Alizee J’en ai marre

In 2003 Alizée Jacotey, performed in the video above, the routine was later made into the dance animation for the female Night Elves in the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Alizée was considered to be the protégée of Mylène Farmer, but is currently taking a break from singing, it has been rumoured she will return with a new album soon. Upped by eyeball

Speaking of dance the Leprechaun has promised us a dance post this week.

Aye I have

. . . . . .

...Care to shed any light on that dance post?

...Ah.... No!

Right, well then we'll have to wait....


Alizee on Wikipedia

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prince of Persia Warrior Within Wallpaper

Currently enjoying the Prince of Persia Triple pack for Ps2, so what better time to post some Wallpaper.

More on Official Website

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Pangya Cosplay character Kooh

Seamus here (the leprechaun), luckily I had this prepared earlier, now if you'll excuse me I need to lie down.

PangYa is a Korean online multiplayer, casual golf simulation game, available for free to download. Certain special items for the game (such as clothes for characters, new equipment and new playable characters) can only be purchased with real money. The game awards players with Pang, a currency that can be used to upgrade a character, or items to gain the upper hand during a course. The game's outcome is usually determined by personal skill.

PangYa currently has servers in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Singapore (serving Southeast Asia as well) and the US (known as Albatross18), with plans to expand to more English speaking countries.

more images on
Pangya on Wikipedia
Official Korean Pangya site
Official Albatross 18 website

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Leprechaun requests: God of War II video review from IGN

Jeez what a night!! Seamus the Leprechaun here, a little the worse for wear after last night, so if you'll excuse me i'll skip the chit chat and get right down to it, and if someones got any headache tablets email em now!!!

Going out to Father Krishna, a 7 minute video review of God of War II "as nearly perfect as they come" said IGN who awarded the game a 9.7 outta 10. Armed with all-new brutal combat moves and magic, players retake the role of Kratos and embark on a new epic adventure to change the fate of mortals and Gods alike.

The request says: "Post for Father Krishna- he has never seen God of War....??
Poor B~@@@$ must be locked in a dungeon!"

From Deitrix

Upped by Deitrix
Leprechaun Requests may or not cause distress, feature harmful content, etc. but don't blame the Leprechaun, I is just doing me job.

upped by the Hungover Leprechaun

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Review Ridge Racer 7 (ps3)

A significant update to Namco's arcade-style Racer, with 375,000 ways to make your machine unique, and up to 7,150 combinations to tailor performance.
Scoring 78% from 36 reviews on Metacritic, it's obvious customisation wasn't the only attraction.

Reviews Summary
There's no denying that Ridge Racer 7 is a solid, fun arcade racer.
Mastering Ridge Racer 7 feels more like a mathematical exercise than a game.
Solid visuals, excellent arcade drifting action, car customization, and promising online,
Certainly not a system seller, not when the game is readily available on other platforms
One of the most underrated PS3 games at launch,
Feel like a member of a global race community, the audio is less than stellar
A somewhat boring single player game
Easily is the best installment yet for the main series

Screenshots from Gamespot
Ridge Racer 7 Official Website

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Tekken 6 first Walls "Zafina"

..Seamus here again, a quick wall as I prepare for the night's festivities,

background? Tekken 6 for Ps3 by end of 2007,

source? what you don't beleive me? for shame...

here's a link in for the Japanese speakers amongst you

Tekken 6 Official Website

What your still not happy? okay then here's the trailer...

(jeez some people are never happy......)

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Ghost Rider Game Review (ps2) Crap!

Hello Seamus the Leprechaun here!!! how are ye? well the post title says it all, another Movie licensed game heading at full throttle to the bargain bin. How bad?

50% from 9 reviews on with IGN saying

"The combat is repetitive and clunky, the driving is horrid, and the plot is completely useless"

and Gamespot

"Ghost Rider steals liberally from several major action games, yet somehow avoids stealing the parts that made those games fun."

I shoulda known when I saw the screenshots,

You may wish to visit The Ghost Rider Game Official Website where you can salvage some tasty wallpaper from this ps2 travesty

Thankfully with such horrid reviews I can now concentrate on my Korean Cosplay post, every cloud has a silver lining.

posted by the leprechaun

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oblivion Shivering Isles Preview

Weighing in at 1.5 gigabytes, Shivering Isles will introduce an entire new plane of Oblivion, roughly a quarter of the size of the original game. The Expansion, due for download for the xbox 360 in March, will feature new settlements, characters, quests, a new storyline, and a promised 30 hours of gameplay.

Update!! Shivering Isles Review

No information as yet on the cost of the expansion, rumour on suggests

$29.99 (2,400 mp) or €22, (1,834 mp)*

though using a large dollop of innocence. . . . let's see 25% size of original, plus a discount for luck, leaves me with (counts on fingers....)

$24 (1,920 mp) €17.99 (1,500mp) *

With Oblivion sales currently topping three million units, Bethesda wouldn't rip us off would they?

*(note on microsoft points, Each region is billed for Microsoft points in their own local currency. The pricing however does not change with the current exchange rates, meaning some regions pay more for the same amount of points than others. see wikipedia)

Shivering Isles Preview on Gamespot
Screenshots (10)
Concept Art (3)
Bethesda expansion overview

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