Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stuckgamer goes Ada Wong

All the Ada Wong cut scenes and appearances from Resident Evil4, available from Stuckgamer.com. Bliss!

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Over the Hedge (game system to be announced)

Whilst IGN are unsure which game system this game will appear on, the dailygame are pretty sure it will xbox and ps2, there is even a suggestion from the Gaming Target we might see an xbox360 version. The title however is no doubt scheduled for release in tandem with the film (May 15th 2005).

The blurb about the game
"Over the Hedge" is the third computer animated title covered in Activisions new contractual agreement with Dreamworks. Based on the popular comic strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis, and directed by Tim Johnson ("Antz", "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas"), "Over the Hedge" centers on a mischievous con-artist raccoon named R.J. and a timid turtle named Verne. When R.J., Verne and their woodland friends find a suburban housing development encroaching on their forest home, Verne's first instinct is to retreat into his shell and leave. But the ever-opportunistic R.J. sees a treasure trove to be had from his unsuspecting new neighbors. Together, Verne and R.J. form an unlikely friendship as they learn to co-exist with--and even exploit--this strange new world called suburbia.

The animated movie
Over the Hedge (movie website)

The game
Screenshots from IGN

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Dynasty Wars 5 due 10th Feb, Official Website

Koei latest ps2 sequel to the Dynasty Wars saga, visit the official Website to download some wallpaper, take the "which warrior are you" quiz and follow the game trailer links.

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Spectral Force3: Innocent Rage for xbox360

It's times like this I wish I had listened to my mother and learned Japanese. This I found quite by accident, the official website to the game tagged by IGN as "Neverland" for the Xbox360. Our chances of every getting a hands on an copy though seem slim.

Set for release this April in Japan, the figurine above is a bonus for pre-ordering the title, so if it turns out a dud (which is doesn't seem likely from what little I can decipher) at least you have a plastic doll to show for it.

IGN preview

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Black (ps2, xbox) hands on preview

From ps2 boomtown, who has managed to get a hands on both a ps2 and an xbox demo. Still waiting for an Xbox360 preview, but this article should give you some indication of what to expect. Now I need to figure out how you get free demos from game companies, because would truly be a gamer's heaven.

Ps2.Boomtown, preview, trailers, screenshots

Draft give me a demo to play letter.

Dear (selected game company)

As an elderly gamer, I have come to the realisation that I'm much closer to kicking the bucket than many other people I know. As you can imagine this fact has created some degree of alarm. Alarm not at leaving this mortal coil, but the very real chance that i'll be dead before your fantastic game hits the market.

As my time grinds to it's inexorable end it has struck me that now would be a perfect opportunity for your game company to allow me the privilege to review your amazing new game (insert title). Just like the 232 other websites with a preview copy of (insert title) your upcoming undoubtedly exceptional product, I believe I have the necessary qualifications (eyes ears website, and a measurable pulse ) to give a valuable insight into your forthcoming undoubted smash hit. I await your reply with breathless anticipation (luckily I have been prescribed an inhaler). Yours truly

The elderly Gamer

ps. soon to be The elderly gamer RIP

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Van Helsing back on the top 10 searches

Making a healthy $120,025,245 at the box office, and featuring the beautiful Kate Beckinsale of Underworld fame. Surely an appropriate time as any other to send you rushing to the bargain bin for a gander. Scoring a passable 65% the slick presentation of the game was let down by it's poor replay value an interesting contrast to the film critics view that the characters in the movie were swamped by the breathtaking special effects.

15 film critics gave the game a C, While 43,452 netizens gave it a B-, who you gonna beleive?
Movie website (some broken links tut tut!)
Yahoo film site
Rotten Tomatoes

IGN Game xbox screenshots review
IGN Game xbox Cheats
Game Website

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Shadow of Colossus Ps2 cheats

Look at the size of that guy!, this should level up the playing pitch,

Cheats from 1up

Cheats from IGN

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Final Fantasy XI a brave new world, literally!

Treasures of Aht Urhgan will feature a new job called the corsair and a brand new city and terrain to explore. Square Enix have announced they will be releasing the expansion pack and the Xbox360 game on the same day April 18th. Now all you've got to do is figure out how to tear yourself away from Oblivion, find all the birdies, televisions and metal bars in Condemned, battle through Call of Duty2 online with your buddies, create carnage in battlefield 2 and be back in time to wander through Aht Urhgan. Of course we could always just stop sleeping, theres an extra 8hrs right there. So many games so little time.

Screenshots and preview on Gamebrink.com

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Trawling the Japanese gamefan sites #3

I have no idea where the last photo came from so if any of you know what it's referring to, please drop us a comment, the picture I found was titled chara w ayame.

Webshots Wallpaper

Ok I know it's nothing to do with gaming or consoles, but you might scoot along to Webshots and have a look at this guys wallpaper, I think you'll agree their pretty special.


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Grand Raid Offroad (xbox360) Insider forum

Still in Development this massively multiplayer online offroad racing game (that would be mmoorg) has already picked up it's first forum. If you want to know about the latest developments long before they hit the media, well pop along and bookmark Vales.com. You'll be happy you did, and so will mr. Vale.

What's he on about?

Earlier elderly post

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Uninstalling FFXI beta from your 360 Hardrive Yikes!

In response to lost from the shoutbox (see sidebar) If you've gone through the labourious and painful 2 hour installation process, ended up running around with a question mark and no weapons for another 2 hours, attempted to chat up a female furry without the benefit of a usb keyboard, and soon realised she was a he.

You like me may have reached the end of your tether with FFXI beta. Well beleive me you haven't reached the end of your tether just yet. Try looking for the 4.5gb bundle on your hard drive, and you guessed it, you can't find it to delete it from you xbox360 dashboard. Amazing lack of foresight on behalf of Microsoft and the Official Xbox360 magazine team, not that the magazine had left me with any impression of brilliance.

Apparently the only way to delete this monster is with the installation disc. So for all that's precious in your gaming life, DO NOT! lose your installation disc. I've been reliably informed (but can't confirm as of yet) that you can uninstall from the playonline viewer. I'm going to give it a little more time before I press the panic button (to give the game a fair chance), but if the uninstall leaves so much as a feline hair on my hardrive someone is going to be hearing from an irate old man.

Of course if anybody has already achieved this feat please leave a comment below, in particular has the uninstall deleted all the content. I'll update this piece if I chose to uninstall and tell you all how it went.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Timeshift fankit (xbox360, PC) scrumptious!

85.42 mb of screens, logos, devdiary, bios, goodies

From Worthplaying

Gamepspot updated screenshots

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Halo 2 glitches

Two sites featuring a plethora of glitches, out of map bounces, tricks, videos.

From Triplekill


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Devil kings (ps2) cheats

Gamespot review scoring 7.5/10

Screenshots from playfull.com

Advertisement laden compilation with pop ups (but it does included an impressive listing) so switch on your pop up blocker, avoid clicking the obvious, wear protective gloves and delve in.

or the readers digest version on

gamespot cheats
1up cheats

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Crimelife: Gang Wars (xbox, ps2) cheats, review

Scoring an impressively poor 3.9/10 on IGN. Avoid at all costs.
Why did I include it here? well to show the immense difference between hype and reality, here's one of the numerous postive press quotes issued prior to release:

Crime Life: Gang Wars is a free-roaming, crime-based beat-em-up with an engaging story that keeps you hooked from start to finish. The game focuses on the rites of passage of Tre, who must protect his own people from exploitation and abuse, and defend his crew from the violence and treachery that permeates the society he lives in. Incorporating traditional action-adventure with a morally driven storyline, you�ll find that there are consequences for all of your actions, good or bad. The Crime Life soundtrack features an all-star cast of hip hop artists, including the music, voice, and likeness of members of hit rap group D12.

ps2 cheats from gamewinners
Xbox cheats from mofunzone
IGN 37 images 4 videos
Konami Crimelife website

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January's Xbox360 dashboard backgrounds

As you've probably discovered, not all wallpaper works well on the 360, images are cropped at both top and sides. The images above I've tried myself so I know they look good. Just click for full sized image and simply save to your shared picture folder. Having difficulties see earlier post

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bethesda (elder scrolls) to publish Star Trek: Legacy (Xbox360)

God's in his heaven, all's right with the World.

"Bethesda Softworks® today announced it has secured the rights from CBS Consumer Products to publish a series of Star Trek games on all gaming consoles, handhelds and PCs."............... Drool!

Bethesda has two titles slated for release this year to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the epic series – Star Trek®: Legacy for Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC, and Star Trek®: Tactical Assault for Nintendo DS™ and Sony PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable). ..................Salivate

Star Trek: Legacy places you in the role of the Admiral of a task force of warships, which you control in small and large-scale battles. Test your strategic and tactical skills in real-time combat featuring authentic spaceships, full damage modeling, and spectacular visual effects. The storyline in Legacy spans the entire Star Trek Universe, including the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise eras. Star Trek: Legacy will be released on Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC this September. Ahh! September a beautiful month

  • dynamic three-dimensional battlefields
  • graphically stunning space environments filled with fully realized nebulas, wormholes, planets, and stars. ....................Stars!!
  • Full multiplayer support, you will be able to choose from small-scale engagements to all-out war involving multiple star systems in addition to tracking stats and player rankings. pinch me

So good you need to read it yourself Bethesda Link

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Collector's Edition

This will do nicely thank you Bethesda. Read about the excitement surrounding the decision on the final packaging, the guidebook, and the septim coin.

Bethesda Newsletter link

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