Saturday, December 29, 2012

ZombiU Review Summary and Trailer

ZombiU Box Art

A launch title for the Wii U, ZombiU is survival horror first person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montpellier. 

A great plague has descended upon London, infecting the human race with a deadly disease. How long will you survive in the labyrinth of London streets and underground as the infected close in around you? As you Assume the roles of various survivors during the game, the horrifying remains of humanity shuffle through the streets, waiting to prey on your living flesh ...


A very steep learing curve, one bite sees you joining the undead, however in a neat twist you simply take on the role of another survivor, allowing you to return to kill your former self and collect your lost inventory.  During normal play the gamepad is used to manage inventory and display a map of the area. The touchscreen is used for barricading doors, hacking combination locks etc. Holding the pad screen parallel to your tv allows you to scan the immediate area, very nifty for those sniper shots... though you are left defenceless in this mode, which is where a spare eye on the tv comes in handy.

Polar opposites from the  reviewers, a love or hate title, but with universal recommendations for survival horror fans.  Despite this the game scores a very favourable 77% on Metacritic

What the developers said
"ZombiU will send shivers of fear and excitement up and down your spine in equal measure: it's the perfect showcase for what the Wii U is all about."

Quote of the Bunch:
It is unforgiving and brutal, but in the best of ways that challenges players to carefully consider each step. Digital Spy

Reviews Summary
It's a fantastically tense horror experience
A weak link in the Wii U's launch lineup
High difficulty and asymmetrical gameplay ideas deliver an intense experience
Slow and methodical, designed to build tension rather than pump adrenaline
Fundamentally difficult, repetitive and boring.
Not so impressive graphics, lack of online multiplayer
The perfect Wii U launch game for adult gamers
Good ideas are sadly spoiled by poor action and an average technical execution
Fans disenchanted with Capcom's Resident Evil series will find much to love in ZombiU

Official Website

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stunning Mass Effect Character Fan Art

Mass Effect Fan Art Jack by ruthiee

Kasumi by TheBoyofCheese Mass Effect Fan Art

Liara T-Soni by Tiara-Owl Mass Effect Fan Art
Liara T-Soni by Tiara-Owl

Miranda by Patryk "Garrett" Olejniczak.Mass Effect Fan Art

Mass Effect Fanart Tali and Legion by BoyGTO
Tali and Legion by BoyGTO

Miranda Fanart Mass Effect
Miranda by Spiritus

These stunning images inspired by the epic that is Biowares' Mass Effect series, realised with some extraodinary talent by the artists mentioned above.  Patrick Garrett has featured here before. The artist's portfolio (all deviantArt members) and higher resolution images on the links beneath the artwork.

See all "Fanart" posts

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fan Made Farcry 3 Facebook Cover

all sized 851x315
With the holidays in full swing and the incredible demand for this Ubisoft gem leaving local stores without stock, even Santa had difficulties getting me a gift wrapped copy.  With a red Porche also on the missing pressi list I'm begining to think that perhaps Santa prioritises his younger clients at Christmas. A most unfortunate development I'm sure you'll agree.

All this leaves me, for the one and only time in my gaming history, regretting that I hadn't pre-ordered.

In an effort to ease my disapointment and with the Forum Avatar business in sharp decline I've instructed Alf the Helper to knock up some Facebook banners for your approval.

And in case you've just escaped captivity from a desert island somewhere, Farcry 3 is an open world FPS with RPG elements set on a cluster of islands at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  You play as Jason Brody on vacation until things take a turn for the worse and you find yourself fighting for survival, saving your kidnapped friends and escaping the islands and their ...erm interesting inhabitants.

or so I'm told... I wouldn't know... would I Santa?

Offical Website

Alf The Helper: Yeah and Santa forgot the phone number I asked for as well....
Elderly: asked Santa for a phone number?
Alf The Helper: Yeah.. why what's wrong with that?
Elderly: ..but a phone number, why would you... !!....Scarlett Johansson's number?
Alf The Helper: Yep! I was am.. going to phone and wish her a happy new year and stuff..
Elderly:  The wall full of photos, the shrine, the t-shirt...the teddy bear you nicknamed Scarlett? Your becoming obsessed you know that?
Alf The Helper: But I'm .. If she just met me... ?.. you think?
Elderly: ...Alf, a Shrine!?
Alf The Helper: Sniff... I can take it down..

(Alf leaves to dismantle the shrine and Elderly rips up Santas' card with the ultra secret phone number...)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Captain America Console Mod

Xbox 360 mod

Captain America Console Mod

Xbox 360 Console mod

Given that applying a plastic decal and changing my xbox 360 faceplate is the complete extent of my console modding experience I'm constanly amazed at the lengths that a rare breed of gamers go to, to create their dream console.

Take design student Zachariah Perry Cruse, who integrated a blue LED for the power button, mounted a raised shield on one side and embellished the opposite with the classic Avengers "A" and wings.

Simple and elegant.

More images on his Official Blog page

Alf The Helper: How'd he do that then?
Elderly: I don't know, but I do know he does commissions
Alf The Helper: Do you think he'd do a Scarlett Johansson mod?
Elderly: A Black Widow mod.. sure I reckon he....
Alf The Helper: No!...... a Scarlett Johansson.... actress mod...
Elderly: She still hasn't replied to your tweets has she?
Alf The Helper: ..well not exactly no.. but these things take time...
Elderly:  Indeed, an eternity.....
Alf The Helper: :(

Monday, December 17, 2012

Game Graphics Farcry 3 Nicolas Collings

Farcry 3 box art

10 minutes plus, with it's own chapter selection list.

Thanks to the skinning abilities of a certain Mr.Bickle on Gaming Ales, I may have found my last game purchase of 2012.  So having watched the 10 minute trailer, an unhealthy number of times, I  dug a little deeper and found the outlandishly talented Mr. Nicolas Collings Lead/Supervisor Character Modeler and Texture Painter with Blur Studio.

Not alone select character models for Farcry 3, but Mr. Collings has also contributed to the Game Cinematics on.....

Injustice Gods Among Us (Capcom) - 2012
The guardians of the middle earth (Monolith) - 2012
PlanetSide 2 ( Sony Online Entertainment) - 2012
Dishonored (Bethesda) -2012
Resident Evil Raccoon City (Capcom) - 2011
Overstrike (Insomniac Games) - 2011
Lost Planet 3 (Capcom) - 2011

Official Website
On CGhub

Far Cry 3 Official Website

Saturday, December 08, 2012

2012 Video Game Posters, Halo 4, Mass Effect 3

Featuring key artwork from some of 2012's blockbusters, and the perfect present for my blog helper Alf, who tells me he wrote to Santa looking for "Uncharted 3".... cruel but practical given our austere times.

Mass Effect 3 Game Poster
Mass Effect 3 Game Poster

Halo 4 Poster
Halo 4 Game Poster

Assassin's Creed 3 Game Poster
Assassin's Creed 3 Game Poster

Uncharted 3 Poster
Uncharted 3 Game Poster

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fuse Trailer and Wallpaper 2013

Whilst salivating at the prospect of Santa's arrival, I decided to take a peak at some of the delights awaiting us for 2013 and came across this offering from Insomniac Games (creators of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance).

A reworking of the four-player co-op game once known as "Overstrike",  published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and due March 2013.

What They say....
“a 4-person co-op action shooter that thrusts players into the roles of four elite, covert agents with their own unique skills and experimental weapons.”

“Fuse demonstrates what Insomniac does best: outlandish and gruesome weapons design, over-the-top action and a touch of humor."

"....story-driven, action game where even solo players can experience the unique attributes of each agent by using the game’s LEAP feature to switch between the four characters at will during combat."

Possessing as I do the online co-op prowess and team spirit of a slug, a 4 player co-op is enough to leave me cold, nay catatonic. But that "Leap" feature, which reportedly allows solo players to switch with any AI team character at will, a newly developed game engine and Insomniac's penchant for outlandish weaponry... well who knows, but this is defo going on my must investigate more list for 2013....

Official Game Website

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wonderous "Eclectic Delights" Bundle In a Box

Following on from their  succesful "Adventure" and "Deep Space" bundle offerings the now near legendary peoples at Kytarro Games present their third "Eclectic Delights" Bundle in a Box.    Nine rather extraordinary indie games in a bundle that goes further than any other indie game bundle known to man.

For a limited time only.....

Not alone do you get 9 awesome indie titles to brighten up your darkest hours, but in doing to so, help out a nominated charity AND support the development of young indie game developers by contributing to  Kytarro Games' Indie Dev Grant.

Soooh!!! without further ado, lets get unbundling and see what we've got in store...
(.....Rustle of parcel opening, a paper cut and some swear words...)


Delve Deeper (PC): the endlessly replayable and quite wonderful adventure/strategy offering by Lunar Giant, complete with ALLLLL it's DLC

War of the Human Tanks (PC): Frantic strategic battles in a story-driven and most original game.
Eversion (PC/Mac). Cutely disturbing platformer with Lovecraftian references.

Stay Dead (PC/Mac): FMV gaming is far from dead as action/rhythm/fighter Stay Dead (PC/Mac) effortlessly and most emphatically proves.

The 4th Wall (PC): The excessively surreal and deeply indie horror offering The 4th Wall (PC).

Fibrillation (PC). From Russia, With horror.

The Adventures of Shuggy (PC): an excellent, retro-inspired platformer that isn't afraid to experiment with new ideas.

Shadows of the Vatican (PC): Mystery point-and-click adventure  in both HD and regular flavours.

Flibble (PC):  Retro-tastique and actually hillarious, a shiny new maze-action game.

Exclusive Droidscape: Basilica content for the soon-to-be-released mobile action puzzler.
+ PLUS Eclectic selection of extras including soundtracks and digital comic books.

Available exclusively on