Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sakura Taisen 5: Saraba Itoshiki Hito Yo Walkthrough

Also known as Sakura Wars 5, the next instalment of the long-running Sakura Taisen series, Assume the role of Shinjirou Taiga, a Japanese navy officer as you travel to New York during 1927, where you and your team of mechs must battle monsters. Sakura Taisen translates to "Great War Among the Cherry Blossoms." first seen on the Sega Saturn in 1996. Scoring an 8.9 on gamestats richter scale.

Definitely one for game importers as there is no mention of a US release date any decade soon. And where would you find a game importer? well by scrolling down the lefthand sidebar of a certain gnome. The Elderly gamer, bringing you walkthroughs for games you'll probably never play.

Walkthrough from Gamefaq

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oblivion Multiplayer

Yep it caught my attention too.......... for PC only, Called MultiTes4 and still in Alpha mind you (limited implementation), the mod at the moment allows two players to be placed in the game world, with plans for up to 8. Implementation on xbox360........ahmm probably never

Full story from Eurogamer

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rohan Online

Amazing where a simple picture will lead to, take the image above, found on a Japanese game board and voila...

Set in a medieval fantasy world, Rohan online has been one of the top popular game searches ever since its Open Beta. No other mmo in Korea has ever been this successful in Beta phase. Playgate (korean games site) have given it their number 4 slot on their best of beta list.

I'm unable to find an international server (none probably exists), but have been warned that Korean games are notoriously gruelling since level grinding can take many months of constant playing to achieve the highest levels. (similar to my efforts at Oblivion)

Official Korean Page

Official Japanese Page

The elderly gamer, bringing you gaming information you'll probably never need.

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Armoured Core: Last Raven (ps2) Walkthrough and Review

The seventh and last installment of the Armored Core series, includes a new level structure, and a game engine overhaul. You are a Raven, an elite mech warrior who must choose sides between the fighting powers. Depending on the players' actions within the game and which of the three factions they ultimately side with the game's plot and ending will vary dramatically. Scores 59% from 9 reviews on Metacritic.

Reviews summary
Definitely the best of the bunch
the same mech game pumped out since the begining
some of the best action this series has seen
Hard and unpleasant, time for a change
Same old song and dance, biggest flaws still exist
Fans will see positive changes, uninteresting missions
Ridiculous amount of trial and error

Full review from IGN (6.4)
Armoured Core online fansite
Official Website (Japanese, 15 wallpapers)
Screenshots (7) from gamestats
Yes! wikipedia even

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Mina Majikina Figurine

A character from Samurai Shodown(Samurai Spirits in Japan), SNK's popular fighting series (first appearing in Samurai Shodown 5).

Born in Okinawa in 1764 Mina (also Makagamina Mina) Mina was gifted with strong spiritual power. Separated from her family to be raised as a goddess, her power was so strong, her own villagers came to fear her and sent her away. Outcast, introverted, and consumed with sadness, Mina forgets how to smile.

As the game begins, a great evil attacks and destroys Mina's hometown. She returns to the ruins and upon discovering that Champuru is the sole survivor, they quickly become friends and she vows to protect him and avenge the destruction of her village.

She journeys across Japan to uncover the identity of the assailant, defeating many great fighters along the way. She finally discovers that it was Champuru who had crushed her hometown. As a demon hunter, she does her duty and kills Champuru. But to be with him forever, she commits suicide.

More figurine photos
Cosplay from Ayane Shiranui at
Official Mina Majikina page
Wikipedia reference
Wallpaper (1) requires registration, also here

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Silent Hill fanart

from top to bottom
Heather from SH3 artist Eva Soulu
Maria from SH2 artist Eva Soulu
link brings you to a huge gallery of pretty outstanding work

Heather from SH3 artist Ivan Flores on crimsonjassic
checkout his top 24 fanart

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Bullet witch new screens and magscans

a ho hum post but anything bullet witch....ish gets a mention, due for release in Japan on 13th July, TBA for the West......

new Bullet Witch screenshots from Gamers Reports

Bullet Witch Official Website (same screenshots, and the curious addition of a male character)

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jolie, Facegen , xbox360 and Oblivion Characters

So your wondering what the old guys wittering on about now. Well this thread from xboxscene's online forum "put your face in Oblivion"

Your ahead of me already aren't you, okay so I downloaded the facegen modeller didn't I? (check your computer specs before downloading). Nifty piece of software there is no doubt as you can see from my amateurish first effort, an essential piece of kit for the budding 3d modellers and professional modellers alike.

So whose face would I like to see in Oblivion, oh say just of the top of my head we'll pick Angelina Jolie. So scanned in two photos (a profile and the shot above) and volia facegen behaved admirably after about 10 minutes I had the result above. Now what?

So I fervently copied the slider positions (from facegen to Oblivion character sliders) remarkably nearly all the settings were similar. Tried the slider on both imperial and nord characters, and the result? A human face no doubt, attractive in a 3 dimensional sense, better than I had managed previously myself. But alas no Angelina.

Oh well I tried, maybe I should have exaggerated the slider positions, maybe I should have upgraded my PC to run Oblivion, maybe just maybe the kind folk at Bethesda will allow us to upload some character headpacks on our 360 such as Ravenheart above from floydian1

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Heavenly Sword Screenshots trailers

Heavenly Sword is a martial arts drama designed exclusively as a next-generation console game. The storyline concerns a girl with only a few days left to live who embarks on one final act of redemption against a king and his invading army. Heavenly Sword employs state-of-the-art technology and gameplay to take players through a roller coaster of emotion and action that truly exploits the potential of gaming as the new artistic entertainment medium.
end blurb:

screenshots from (21)
Eurogamer screenshots (24)
Concept art (30) from jeuxfrance
Trailers from IGN

Ninja Theory (developers)
screenshots, game info updates, developer diaries

Developer interview from Eurogamer


E3 preview from IGN

It's even got it's own spot on Wikipedia

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Steamboat Chronicles Walkthrough

Steamboat Chronicles Walkthrough,
ferrying Faq, home/furnishings guide all from the illustrious

Cheats from IGN

Official Japanese Website (known as Bumpy Trot)

Eurogamer review

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enchanted Arms Preview

Not here till August and known as enchant arm in Japan, where it failed to charm famitsu reviewers . The first Japanese RPG on the Xbox360, places you in the control of Atsuma, who during the course of the game makes use a support cast of Golems as he works through the game's strategic battle system.

Official Japanese website
Palgn preview
Xboxyde eyecandy page (trailers, screenshots, concept art)
IGN's hands on preview of english version

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Sony kiss goodbye to millions in import duty

Sony have lost a claim for a refund of import duty at a court of appeal in the UK. The rebate (worth some €50 million/£34.2 million/$69.8 million) was earnestly sought by Sony who claimed their ps2 was in reality a computer and should be duty free. The appeals Judge had some stinging words for Sony, who had questioned the "intellectual honesty" of the high court judge.

Full story from ps2. boomtown

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Games Buzz Little Fighter 2

LF2 was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong in 1999, and released in a long series of updates; the latest version, 1.9c, was released on August 19, 2005. The game has proven to be very popular thanks to its simple gameplay, replayability, and free availability. The official web site has over 30 million hits and offers action figures of the main characters via mail order.

The game supports up to 4 human players on one computer and a total of 8 characters using online play or computer-controlled opponents. Characters are controlled using the keyboard or a gamepad. All keys can be set via a configuration menu.

Little fighter 2 Official Website
Little fighter fansite, forums, downloads, graphics, version

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Street Fighter Alpha Anthology review

Touted as Arcade perfect conversions of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha II, Street Fighter Alpha II Gold and legendary series finisher Street Fighter Alpha III together for the first time, plus Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. The verdict? scores 81% from 13 reviews on metacritic.

Reviews Summary
A gameplay perfect home version of Alpha 3
Icing on the cake is the battle mode, three man fights for epic throwdowns
Rare Retro collection worth price of entry
Should grace the shelf of every fighting library
Players weaned on 3d fighters will wonder why the big deal
Street fighter fanatics couldn't ask for more
Retrospective features and historical content omitted
One of the definitive fighting collections despite a few quirks
Alpha 3's console modes are nowhere to be found, Alpha 2 Gold's enhancements neglible

Screenshots from gamespy
Street fighter Wallpaper from Otaku

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Retro Midwinter

It is 60 years since a meteor struck planet earth, the climate has been pushed into a new ice age. Continents have collapsed, millions have died. Survivors have found a remote island (Midwinter), and with the help of some technology, in the shape of heat mines, life becomes bearable again. A peace force is set up to gurantee law and order , however all is not well. Disgruntled settlers form an army and lead a march to take over the entire island. You as peace force captain John Stark must stop them.

Roam a fractal-generated, 160,000-square-mile, 3-D polygon-filled landscape. Hang glide, ski, snowmobile, or travel by cable car. Recruit up to 32 npcs to aid your efforts, but be warned, love affairs, hatred, jealousy, admiration, all play their part in determining the chances of one person recruiting another.

Released 1990 for Amiga, Atari ST and DOS

Awarded 92% by Amiga Format

Atarimagazine review (evaluation)
Amiga magazines review
Mobygames infor page
Gamer review from gamefaq
Cheats, tips
ebay search
Possible download link

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Need for Speed Carbon

Revealed in July's edition of Game Informer, details on Need for Speed: Carbon. According to CVG the game is looking "very much like a fusion of the Most Wanted and Underground titles"

And game informer online suggests

"Carbon is set to blow the mold of what a racing game is right off the streets! Don't worry current-gen folk, Carbon is spreading everywhere. Expect to see Need For Speed Carbon on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox, and PSP."

More details from CVG
Game informer reveal

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Volcano faceplate

from peperazzi who made this stunner for a microsoft design contest at his art scool. Vist his flickr page to see exactly how he put it all together.

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