Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion the interview

"Honestly, just being able to bring such a huge project to completion and get it out the door is the biggest accomplishment. It’s hard for folks on the outside to understand just how much effort goes into a project like this. It’s all you do, all you think about, for over three years and through a lot of late nights, weekends, and holidays." Pete Hines Bethesda

Excuse me while I salivate................


Senators claim Sex and violence in games is out of control

Ah yes!!! Senators Clinton and Liebermann

Ah not quite!!!! The elderly gamer sex search


Viewer allows you to step into the freeze frame game action. Class

Ah we were waiting for something like this.

Ever wondered what it was like to stand in the middle of the action in Call of Duty2 or the Water section of HalfLife2 or in the Air Defence Bunker of Quake4?
The World's first panoramic game photo website. Well done to whomever, Elderly Gamer Top Ten list (When I get round to drawing one up). Imagine it!!! immerse yourself in a frozen action scene from a game you've never played. Class


Giant 360's, PGR3, shortages, gaming gems, Oblivion, Battlefield2 secrets

Giant Xbox360's in Japan (making up for the lousy 6 games on launchday?)
The first 10 minutes of PGR3
360 supply keep checking back (what are we yo yo's)
PS2 100 million sales
Joystiq's 10 hidden gaming gems
Battlefield2 secrets
Elder Scrolls Oblivion Key Features
Retro 1980's free games


Moore gets smart on Xbox360 shortages

Following a little lie down, what do I find but this little treat from Xbox Team Blog. Peter Moore again, with this extract from his interview with Official Xbox Magazine.

"Yeah, there will be disappointed people. Demand is so great that I’m sure there will be a lot of disappointed people. "

"The good news is that it’s a very desirable product, the bad news is that it’s not like baking bread."

.........................nope!!! it's more like burning toast.


Video on your Xbox360 a guide for the elderly


Pseudo sincerity, Moore on Xbox360 shortages

On European supply shortages

"My hope, certainly, is that everyone who wants one will get one by Holiday time, but the demand is overwhelming.”

What you didn't imagine we'd all want one? Have you lost your marbles, I'm getting a little irked with this oh we had no idea, we are completely surprised, we're doing our best to meet demand. Your clever marketing strategy is begining to backfire and all you can do is offer inane pseudo sincerity. Roll up your Microsoft shirt sleeves and get your executives over to the Factories working to match the expectation YOU created.

You poured millions into the marketing, the hype, the Mojave desert bash, and thought Europe would only want 300,000. Your either completely incompetent, or your treating us like idiots. Hop to it Monkey Boy or your loyal fanbase will bite back, all it will take is for the region free PS3 to start selling it's wares over the internet by March then your goose is cooked. .......................Phew! i need to lie down now.

Gamesindustry article


Xbox360 marketing strategy begins to backfire

Gamestop Re. Xbox360

"Our only concern is that the total hardware released to date in the U.S., and to GameStop, are far less than we had anticipated. While we expect to be supplied throughout the holiday season, the exact quantities to be shipped are not yet clear."


The Xbox360 marketing gimmick begins to backfire as Game Uk's biggest retailer of video games is also quite irked
Shortages and poor demand


Top Ten Christmas presents for the elderly gamer

  1. One of the 96% of working Xbox360’s (I’ll do the unwrapping)
  2. Condemned (Horror Action Adventure Game by Sega, Monolith)
  3. Samsung 32” HDTV slimfit TV (unwrapped, connected and programmed)
  4. Panasonic 600watt 5.1 Home Cinema System (unwrapped, connected and programmed)
  5. Brown Leather Recliner with fully stocked beer compartment.
  6. 4 week Holiday for the spouse in Australia, (yes on her own) with an optional return ticket
  7. Wireless broadband enabled do-hicky for my computer, so I don’t have to sit in the bloody basement every time I want to blog.
  8. Kate Bush’s telephone number.
  9. Do not on any account buy socks, jumpers, knitted freaking hats, scarfs or gloves (they make my psoriasis act up) and ESPECIALLY no pyjamas, we’re just older than the rest of you, we do not need to be embalmed just yet!!!
And ahm! ...........sniff!…………..if you could make sure that my grandchildren wake to find a Christmas morning, as magical and glorious and memorable as I did at their age.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The 13,000 Xbox360's Problems Poll (phew!)

I've taken down the poll as the results seem to indicate that indeed the Microsoft figures are correct, and it wreaks havoc on my page loading times. Microsoft are suggesting that the number of "problem" 360's are in the "normal" category for electronic products. The suggestion is 3 to 5 percent of owners are experiencing problems (which given the estimate of between 300,00 and 350,000 consoles at launch, and an average 4% failure rate) would leave 13,000 of you wondering why you pre-ordered a dud.


Graphic sex, profane and violent games search

Family Media Guide famous for their Top Ten ultra violent games for 2005, have supplied a search tool allowing you to actually search for games with PSV content (psv=profanity, sex, violence), in it's catalog of reviews. The games voted the highest level of "Graphic S" content were
Leisure Suit Larry and Playboy Mansion. Yep only two.


Game complains of shortages and poor demand

UK videogame retail giants Game, have issued a trading warning, suggesting that poor sales of software for "older platforms" combined with a "extremely limited" supply for PSP and Xbox360 will result in a significant profit drop for the company this year compared with last. Yep I do agree premium content for the old ps2 and xbox is rather sparce on the ground, and unless Santa has something up his sleeve, i'll be re-playing Resident evil 4 and half-life2 on Christmas day. Bugger


What does it feel like to own an Xbox360?

For those of us left with our arms hanging Xboxscene gives you a better than average taster. Still can't help thinking we're all part of a devious marketing plan. Plan for a shortage, mess Santa up, and have all of us foaming at the mouth till next year. Message to the PS3 marketeers, don't repeat the idiocy.


Monday, November 28, 2005

xbox 360 guide to the red lights on your console

The nice people at Microsoft have published a quick explanation on the flashing Red lights on the front of your console and what they mean. If you've got them, all is not lost. Although if you've got them all, you could be................ if you catch my drift. Why do I write myself into corners? must be the alzheimers.


DOA4 delayed, misses Japanese launchday

Oh dear that won't be good then will it? Story on Kotaku


Rocketboom feature includes the Elderly

Thanks to the beautiful people over at Rocketboom, who were so kind as to feature this cobwebbed little blog on their quickfire video log. It seems our 10 ten reasons to hang onto your xbox piece caught someones fancy. For the broadband enabled you could do worse than pay them a visit. No it dosen't cost anything, no you won't have to sign up to anything, no it isn't a commercial site. As a teaser I included a piccy of the presenter Amanda Congdon. Yep I'm a happy pensioner!!!


Tomb Raider on all consoles by Feb 2006??

Probably maybe according to, do know it's cruel to tease old people!. Photo courtesy of the same site


300,000 xbox 360's for Europe

It ain't half enough and we know it. Considering there were 345,000 for the U.S. It appears Santa will have to get his elf's to work overtime.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

xbox360 problems update!

Seems overheating may not be the only problems faced by some unlucky purchasers, this webpage points to the consoles sidebar or dashboard being an issue, hackaday.

What are all those redlights on the front of my 360?


10 reasons the elderly should hang onto their Xbox

  1. You’ve downloaded all your favourite songs to it’s hard drive and have no idea how your going to transfer them to your new 360.
  2. You’ve shelled out on games that aren’t backward compatible and are fuming that Barbie’s Horse Adventure made the list instead of Mercenaries.
  3. You know it’s not going to crash when you turn the central heating on.
  4. Your grandchildren will call over less often.
  5. It will cost you 3 weeks pension to afford the 360
  6. You can take or leave the launch titles for 360, plus by the time you do decide to switch, they’ll be nestled tightly in a bargain bin somewhere.
  7. Your wife has promised she’ll leave if you buy an xbox360, which could be a good thing if it weren’t for the fact you’ve gotten used to having your own chef.
  8. You won’t need to call your neighbour to help you lift the 360’s powerbrick, everytime you need to hover.
  9. You don’t have enough powerpoints to keep two Microsoft consoles,
  10. Your secondhand store is already choca block with xbox’s, and you haven’t the heart to bring your xbox to the dump.


Hideo Kojima exclusive interview

So good my arthritis improved.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

First patch for Xbox360

Can't be tell me it ain't so, no really a patch already?


Sony and Microsoft work together, psp likes Xbox360

Joystiq have a lovely guide to linking your psp to your xbox360. Microsoft and Sony may not love each other, but their children do. Excuse me I'm going to cry.


Xbox360 customisation Faceplates

Well no sooner had I finished the last post when low and behold another commercial site. This one for faceplates. Although reading the blurbs, it appears that the faceplates are vinyl stickers not plates. At $9.99 a shot they ain't cheap. However facetags are developing software which will allow you to design your own. Tasty!, hopefully they will have reduced the price by then. Remember I cannot officially endorse this site or their products. Just like my dentures, it's a case of "suck them and see"


xbox360 console skins

And so the madness starts, not content with your new xbox360's colour? then this is the site for you. We have no idea how trustworthy these guys are so maybe bookmark them for now and email them. The best part though is the skin chooser, which gives you a chance to see what your xbox360 will look like in a metallic vinyl. "The Elderly Gamer, bringing it to your granny first".


Reviews: Aeon Flux

Metacritic 76
IGN 78
Teamxbox 78


Reviews: Perfect, Perfect Dark?

Eurogamer 70
Teamxbox 88
Metacritic 87


xbox360 crashes our fault?

It seems the power brick for the Xbox360 needs loads of space around it, according to Eurogamer. Well that would explain it then, overheating. Seems Microsoft, who haven't commented on the possible reasons behind the reported problems may need us to give our power brick room to breath, instead of hiding it out of sight bundled behind our tv with the rest of the cable spaghetti. Good design that!


Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best

As a personal mark of respect to the greatest footballer the World has ever known, there will be no updates today.


Holographic memory disc may put DVD's to shame

"A computer disc about the size of a DVD that can hold 60 times more data is set to go on sale in 2006. The disc stores information through the interference of light – a technique known as holographic memory."

That'll be the end of blu-ray then?
New Scientist


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter site live!

I won't delay you any more, but before you go leave the light on when..........................bloody kids!

Curiously also available for the PS2, I wish game companies would start specifying the differences between their formats. Surely the PS2 version can't be as good as the 360. But you'd never know looking at their website.

Ghost Recon for 360


2old2play reccies the new xbox360


"the lengths of the cable to the console and to the power strip/wall/whatever are curiously short".

Please Mr. Microsoft man fix this for Europe


Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3


"4" Jeez I am getting old


Microsoft respond quickly to xbox360 "problems"

"Isolated incidents" they say, well judge for yourself

view the full list on the right border on my homepage


See here
and here

vote in the elderly Problem Poll

Update 3rd December Do not Move your Xbox360
Update 5th December Microsoft being sued for alleged Xbox360 design flaws
Update 9th December Microsoft warn Japanese about scrached discs


The Chinese and videogame addiction

A Chinese survey suggests that at least 13% of young people are addicted to the Internet. Of that figure a massive 42% appear addicted to online games. Wait a minute............... that's not normal?


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

THE ultimate xbox360 review

11 pages of sheer bliss, so heat up the cocoa put on a cosy cardigan and settle down.
Paul Thorrett's xbox360 review


Ebay goes xbox360 mad

Have a little look at what their bidding for like hotcakes on ebay. Yes you guessed it, 360's at over twice the original asking price. Now the question is do I trust these guys to deliver, and would an american xbox work in Europe. Ahhh!............... no.



Xbox 360 crashes, and some other significant issues

Too early to say if this is an issue or isolated incidents. Stay tuned here or
here where I first picked up the rumour.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

North America queues

Some pre-orders couldn't be filled as the stores had received fewer units than expected. A sign of what's in store for Europe?. Scary



Call of duty2 leading the field on launchday

From Metacritic
Bet the reviews have nothing to do with sales figures

Call of duty2 92
Perfect Dark 90
PGR3 88



????PS3 to be sold at a loss under $400 to promote Blu-Ray

We'll see said the blind man.

Ah ha I knew I smelled a fish! they got it wrong UPDATE!


Wait for the PS3? you must be joking?

I can't see the point if game companies release the same version for each console. Now exclusive content that's the question, and if there are premium games exclusive to each console then looks like i'll be eating dogfood in an effort to own both.

Money CNN


Monday, November 21, 2005

God talks about the xbox 360 launch

I'd genoflect if it weren't for my dodgy knee. Bill Gates a few words before launch day.


10 things to do in the next 10 days for Europeans only

xbox360 fanboy


Parents to sue Blizzard after W.O.W fan dies

The parents of the Chinese boy, who died after falling from a building are suing Blizzard claiming that the mmorpg is to blame for their son's death.



Xbox 360, "zerohour" and the Mojave desert

My free bus pass isn't enough to get me there (I did try). So it looks like the closest I'll get is the following zerohour photo pages on Flickr and Microsoft's own webpage with video of the Gigantonormous party in the Mojave Desert. To be honest I couldn't watch.



The next generation of consoles is almost here

I want I want I want
New York Times


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Xbox 360 Game Trailers

xbox360 Trailers for the broadband rich. Made me feel so good I've started wearing my dentures again. Gameplay from PGR3, Kameo, Dark Messiah, Gameplay from King Kong, Perfect Dark, DOA4



Can't wait? a look inside the new Xbox 360 package

Okay so I drool every now and then but hey you'd have to after looking at this.



Friday, November 18, 2005

German coalition calls for complete ban on violent games


In a country noted for it's strict game censorship. A group of german politicians seek to determine what someone else's children should be playing. Must be a shortage of serious political issues. Remind me to overlook Germany as a retirment option.


Silent Hill The Movie



Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Xbox 360 backward compatible list

212 titles in USA, around 160 for Europe, and weep if your living in Japan as only 12 old titles will be compatible on launch day. Hmm!

Pal list here

Yep just in case your wondering "Barbie Horse Adventure" is included.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Elder Scrolls Oblivion till after Christmas

Please read this and tell me I need to go to Specsavers.
Elderscrolls Forum

Maybe if I close my eyes, I'll wake up and it'll be just a bad dream.

Xbox360 faceplates revealed

Lubly dubly

Sony Dispel Rumours on DRM Games

So it were only a rumour, and the patent was only a big joke and we're sorry about that silly cloaking spyware CD thingy and sure haven't we got a customer charter. No wait they still haven't apologised, but they do have a customer charter.
Still wiping the tears from my eyes!

Update! Millions installed Sony spyware (Tut! Tut!)

Would that be "We provide unique and high quality products" or the "We strive to earn customer's trust"
Washington Post

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sony to cripple game swapping and pre-owned titles

If the patent succeeds then your game will be "locked" to your console. No more bringing games over to your friend's house, no more reselling to afford to buy the newest title. Looks like I'll be switching to Xbox360 titles since most games will be multiplatform. Sad little company though.

The Inquirer

Rumour quashed

Playstation may never have happened

The engineer behind the Playstation phenomenon reveals the difficulty he had convincing his bosses to run with the idea. Needless to say he's now President of Sony's computer entertainment division


WWII favourite setting for shooters

The nice people at boomtown are running a poll to establish which is the most popular game setting for shooters. At date of writing World War 2 had clocked up 37% of the votes.