Saturday, December 31, 2005

xbox360 Enchant Arm updated screenshots

Originally set for the 360 Japanese launchday (which would have made a significant difference to console sales) the game has been pushed back until January 12th 2006. Screenshots (15) on the magic Box.
Official Website (Japanese)

And following a decent trawl of the net a full list of in game videos and trailers from

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PS2 Japan Releases January 2006

From Top to bottom
1. Fragments Blue described as a Romantic Mystery Adventure.
2. Ar Toneliko official Website (in Japanese) wallpaper download (2)
3. I/O Official website (in Japanese) wallpaper download (3) game music clips, the game centers on a number of girls who get caught up in a mysterious killing spree. IGN preview
4. Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerbrus official Site (takes ages to load) wallpaper (2), earlier on the elderly gamer, game info ffnet
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Marilyn Monroe makes it to the PS2

Trawling the Japanese game sites I came across this little gem which will probably never make it to our shores. Certain victory pachinko Vol.3 CR Monroe. Yes a pachinko simulator for your Ps2 set for release in February 2006. And in case your younger than I am (which is most likely) and have no idea who Marilyn Monroe is the following gives you a quick taster. Marilyn
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Friday, December 30, 2005

360 Ps3 Vampire's Rain First Look

Well not much to see yet, following a prolonged search on the net I've only managed to find a handful of screenshots and those it appears scanned from a Japanese gaming magazine. But the reviews are thick and fast, not surprising as the game is due for release in Japan in Q1 of 2006. Game feature? rain? yes it appears vampires become weaker when exposed to rain (like furbies I suppose) Well no need to hold you bore you any further, here are the best previews available. Heck I'll even throw in the magscan how's that? .............jee some people are never happy.
Preview on Planetxbox360
Preview on IGN
Magscan on ZTgamedomain

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xbox360 Bullet Witch first look

Set for release in Japan in Spring/Summer 2006 (depending on what preview you read) and hopefully the rest of us due course (if not it's off to the import shop). Bullet witch is about the desperate fight between man, who is on the verge of extinction and demons, with you playing as a witch. Small bit more on IGN
Some iffy enough screenshots on the Magic box
Stay tuned!
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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Xbox 360 DOA4 a perfect 100% ? review, trailer and screenshots

So far to date the only decent review I've managed to track down (ok i'm old, i'm lazy, bite me!) is the following from IGN . Who also manage to have 191 screenshots and 10 videos including the official trailer (yep some day when I get older and start my own website.......never mind)

Amid rumour that some companies(?) released their reviews before they could possibly have had a review copy (link) Kotaku points to an article on widespread corruption in the games industry (link).

Best review to date? was probably from a gamer who commented on metacritic

"this game was the only reason i got an xbox360 it was only because of this game and im so happy cause it was worth it but this game is still the coolest game ever."

Nuff said!

Hints tips unlockables and cheats on Vpgstrategies

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

(xbox, Ps2) Blitz the League Cheats, Reviews, Screenshots

Proving you don't need an official licence to make a killer game. Full review (8.6 to save you from looking) on gamespot
Screens (48) and videos (25) on IGN

Xbox cheats are simply entered in the cheats menu, while there is some doubt as to whether you access the ingame menu or extras menu on the ps2.
the following sites however testify their cheats are accurate
Cheats on Gamespot
Cheats on Vgstrategies
Cheats on IGN
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Stuckgamer Video Walkthroughs for Top Games

It's sites like Stuckgamer that make me feel old and redundant (.......well redundant then). Stuckgamer is a website offering (wait for it!)

Video walkthroughs of your favourite games.

Yes I kid you not, so put the kettle on, check your broadband download limits. Some Vw's you have to download others you can just sit back and watch the streaming loveliness of it all. My favourite? God of War. MAJOR Spoiler alert, oops nearly forgot the link
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(Ps2) Xenosaga III set for Japan, now we wait!

No sooner had my computer chips cooled after reminding you of how good a game XenosagaI was, then this preview of Japanese only release Xenosaga III (for the moment). Preview from the incredibly gifted peoples at 1up.

As number one had over 80 hrs of gameplay let's hope the new version is a return to former glory.
Screenshots from 1up
Official Website (yep its in Japanese) includes a new characters page from which I've borrowed a piccy of new character T-elos.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

(Ps2) Onimusha Dawn of Dreams new Trailer

Highly anticipated (in this household anyway) sequel to the best selling Onimusha series. US and European relased expected March 2006.
Screenshots and collection of videos from IGN
Latest Trailer from Worthplaying
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ATI manager says xbox360 will outshine PS3

Richard Huddy's (European Developers Relations Manager) unexpurgated interview with Edge and why "Xbox 360 technology is likely to outperform PlayStation 3 technology by a pretty healthy margin in the long run."
Report from xbox365

And yet Hideo Kojima (the creator of the popular Metal Gear Solid series) says there aren't any real differences between PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Again from xbox365

My money's still on the PS3 (yep cause I'm still sour about the 360 shortage)
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Game sales down Xbox360 getting the blame

The Wall Street Journal (yes we do get around) has reported that the Xbox360 may be to blame for poor game sales in November, so low in fact that EA and Activision are warning that they may miss forecasts for the fourth quarter and 2006. While I must say I can't help smiling, I would humbly suggest that the figures reflect the high retail price of games and very few decent releases rather than the xbox360 shortage. Report CNN Money

And while we're at it, would the Microsoft genius who feels it necessary to advertise the xbox360 when there are none in stores please take a holiday. Rubbing our face in it ain't the way to go. Advertise when you have them to sell not otherwise.
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3d model: Kos-Mos (xenosaga 2003)

Kos-Mos (Kosmos Obey Strategic Multiple Operation System) described as an armoured female android from Xenosaga 1, the game received rave reviews when it was released in 2003, certainly worth a second look on ps2.

Review, screenshots and video of Xenosaga Episode 1 from IGN
Namco's Official website
Wikipedia reference for Kos Mos

UPDATE Xenosaga III yes! 3


Monday, December 26, 2005

(Xboxlive) Download for Star Wars Battlefront II

A free level for download on xboxlive now, and in January for $4.99 (€4 odd) an even bigger download including two new characters and four new maps. Full details on
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(xbox, ps2) Mark Ecco's Getting Up (Feb 2006)

Due February 2006 from Atari games. Billed as the first "Urban Culture" game ever. Right I've instantly forgotten that build up.
Anyway screenshots and press blurb from Atari UK gamesite
The official gamesite
Official Trailer from gamespot
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(Ps2) Kingdom Hearts 2 no frills walkthrough: Yes 2!!

Alright so I know the game hasn't been released in the West yet, but the walkthrough does provide a teaser (well could be spoiler) of what's to come. The linked page on gamefaq contains two walkthroughs, but only Suzaku's version has Kingdom Hearts 2 content at the time of posting.

Meanwhile if you'd just like to bookmark the walkthrough, 1up have provided a comprehensive preview. Screenshots from gamespot
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3d model: Ada Wong (re4) and bonus Wallpaper

Mind you the Wallpaper looks better than the poorly produced figurine. Re4 wallpaper from

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(Xbox Ps2) Walkthrough for Warrior Within

Walkthrough? Gamefaq's to the rescue, including (I beleive) the full set of cheats.
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Kasumi and the Wikipedia connection

Number eight on the search engine charts and now a mention on Wikipedia.
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Sunday, December 25, 2005

(Xbox) Gauntlet Seven Sorrows Walkthrough

Finally found it, whereas the game got slated the (xbox) walkthrough makes it sound interesting from gamefaqs
updated list of screenshots from gamespot
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Shrek Superslam (xbox) review, screenshots

Theres something not quite right about a tagline for children that goes "get your friends and have a brawl" nor indeed is everything quite alright about this game. Full review and screenshots on gamershell
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