Monday, October 31, 2011

Skyrim Video Concept art to Gameworld

While Oblvion mods continue to awe, a short spellbinding vid from Bethesda

Alf the Helper: Scrolls!!!!
Elderly: Alf!!! Cellar now!
Alf the Helper: :(

Monday, October 24, 2011

Images: Goldeneye reloaded, Lotr War in the North, Sonic Generations

GoldenEye 007:Reloaded Official Website
For Xbox 360 and Ps3 Due November 1st 2011 US, TBA rest of the World
Screenshots On IGN

Lord of the Ring: War in the North Official Website
Xbox 360, Ps3 and PC Due November 1st US, TBA Eu

Screenshots On IGN

Sonic Generations Official Website

Xbox 360, Ps3, PC, Nintendo 3DS Due November 1st 2011 US, Q4? Eu

Screenshots on IGN

Friday, October 21, 2011

Batman Arkham City Review Summary xbox 360 Ps3

  Right click, open link in new window/tab for widescreen 1366x768

Sequel to the 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, incorporating elements of stealth and predator tactics.  Five-time Emmy-Award-winner Paul Dini returns to pen a brand-new story for Batman: Arkham City, taking gamers deep inside the diseased heart of Gotham.  Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy reprise their voice acting roles as The Joker and Batman respectively.

The game has received universal acclaim from critics.
Scoring 95% xbox 360 and 96% Ps3 on Metacritic

 Quote of the bunch:
"quite possibly the best superhero game ever made" ZTDG

Reviews Summary
An immaculate mix of great side missions, tons of content and a fantastic atmosphere
It's easily one of the best titles I've played all year
Rich and surprising in many ways. A feat which makes it a must-see title of 2011
One of the best open worlds in any game and an immaculate mix of great side missions
In Arkham City, you become Batman. Most certainly the definitive Batman game
Breathing life into a staggeringly beautiful world
An unforgettable adventure that will keep you coming back long after you've seen the credits roll
An in-depth look on the character that even Nolan's movies cannot offer

Achievement list
Official Website
Arkham City Interactive screenshots
Arkham City Wallpaper
Arkham City Fan Music Video

Alf the helper: (staring at the bottom of the post) yep we chased off that Amazon link poster
Elderly: What? :(  let me look.....wher'd the advetisements go?
Alf the helper: Well don't look at me
Elderly: No worries Alf, this theft required a larger IQ than 2, something a certain leprechaun could manage though, Alf get the shoulder mounted RPG!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Ball Online Flash Game

There are evenings  when the repetitive bludgeoning of zombies, the frustration of the narrow Monaco circuit, the visual onslaught of a post apocalyptic sandbox are enough to make you bypass your console and take some time to listen to your mp3 collection and fiddle with the A,D and W keys on your pc keyboard.

If this is you then. "Red Ball" from Russian flash developer Evgeniy Fedoseev., is a fine example of an online flash game and palative care for console overload. 

Help the lovable little red ball navigate his/her way through an obstacle course spread over 17 levels.  Not your stroll in the park however, but 17 levels incorporating steep slopes, lifts,  thorns, axes, a Ninja on a bridge, catapults and a meeting with Pacman. Also available for your iphone, see link on site.
Some without further ado.......

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Emobile e5 30 day Top up Problems

Hi Alf the helper here, standing in for mr.elderly.  No doubt you wouldn't be here unless you've already gone through the emobile forums, pdf's, haven't found an answer and are topping up too late in the evening to ring the emobile support line on 1890 690 000

By far the most common problem faced by the new mobile broadband user is just how in hell do you top up or why after topping up, you can't use the 30 day top up offer, most likely resulting in the following text message

Sorry you cannot sign up to the offer as you do not have enough credit on your account. To top up call 1743 with your credit or laser card details.

Now like me you've noticed the e5 dosen't have a keypad to call 1743, so whadda you do?

The secret like most secrets is simple.

Top up and apply for the 30 day pass 
BEFORE you "Connect" to the internet

I'll explain, imagine the e5 is your mobile phone, and like a mobile phone once switched on and getting a signal can send and receive service messages and requests.  Send you say! yes I do and yes you guessed it, send by using  the e5 mobile hub "homepage" on your computer.

So let's start, ensure your e5 is switched on and "NOT CONNECTED" to the Net, evidenced by the missing icon on the e5 window
Next open the e5 "homepage" in your browser by clicking your desktop icon, ensure the "Connection" tab confirms you are "disconnected" if not click the "Disconnect" button.
 Good! the rest should be plain sailing, assuming you've got a mobile signal (the icon in the very left of the e5 window) Click on the "Top up" tab and enter your prepay 12 digit code
Once you've "Topped Up" head to the "Text" tab and await confirmation of you new balance.  No point in doing anything until you get that confirmation.  On rare occassions, checking your balance under the "balance" tab can help, though not always.  You'll know you've successfully topped up when you see the following
  But we're not done!!! head to the "Offers" tab and type in 30 day to opt for the current prepay offer.  Click OK........

Back to the "Text" tab and await a text confirmation similar to the following.....

30 day pass confirmed, please disconnect and reconnect your session to access eMobile Broadband until 11-11-11.

Then simply "log out" of the "Homepage",  log back on and under the connection tab click "Connect" if your ready to surf the web and we're good to go.  Shimple :)

The down side:
If you've entered the prepay code, whilst "connected" to the Net, emobile will automatically deduct a one day pass, thereby cancelling any chance you had of using the 30 day offer.  Solution? ring emobile support (1890 690 000) the next morning, explain what happened and if this is your first time, with a bit of luck, they may activate your 30 day pass, though legally they don't have to.

If you have any questions, leave a comment at the bottom of this extraordinarily long post and I'll do my best to help if I can

Posted by "Alf the helper"

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Horror update and the lost leprechaun

Well we've lost the leprechaun!!

And despite my efforts to turn this blog into a game site, the jolly dead midget has bested me at every turn.

Noticing that the most visited page on this excuse for a site is the "Horror Wallpaper" post conceived by and published against my wishes by the little snot...

Well I thought.. I thought it fitting to commemorate his final departure, and as a nod to the approaching halloween festivities, I've ....well I've updated the post with the wallpaper above.

The true horror of the departed genius can be found on the following link

Horror Wallpaper by the Leprechaun

Alf the helper: that was very touching mr.elderly....sniff!
Elderly: Yes, .... right!!! start dumping his belongings, sooner we can get this place back in order the better.
Alf the helper: (looks below post..) hey! that Amazon ad dumper is gone, am mr.elderly now that the leprechaun is gone, could I ..well would it be okay if.. well you know could do a post now and again?
Elderly: What? you? yes the next time you see a giraffe fly past the window, how's that!
Alf the helper: Why thank you mr.elderly this means so much to me, I won't let you down :)
(Alf sits by the window.....waiting)