Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fantasy Art #1

Click for full size image, more From Galaxy Guardian on Webshots
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Cosplay #9

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Eyecandy P

Excuse me i'll just move these out of your way!

  • Phantasy Star Universe

  • Pgr3 photorealism

  • Prey Trailer (xbox360)

  • Prey Website

  • Project Zero3 (ps2) screens
  • Soul Calibur Movie Website launched

    But nothing to see as yet bar the movie like title intro screen, which is a pity. Originally announced back back in the stone ages and set for release sometime 2007. And that's all we know, for the moment. The Elderly Gamer bringing you trivial and pretty useless information first.

    2004 preview

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    Half Life 2 Survivor

    Due for testing at your nearest gaming arcade from March (if you live in Japan that is). Official Survivor website (Japanese) hosts some early screenshots.

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    Grandia III walkthrough

    Available from the illustrious gamefaqs. Of course you've seen the review?

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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    Final Fight Streetwise (xbox, ps2) website, preview, screens

    Only one (uncomplimentary) review on Metacritic, nothing definite to go on yet (still trying to figure how game informer got the sneak on IGN and Gamespot, however like 24 the game, the answers to purchase or not may lie in the previews on gamespot and IGN
    But save yourself for a visit to the Official website, where someones done a nice job on buddy icons and wallpaper. Bugs the life out of me when a game releases before a decent review, it's also pretty indicative of something, I hope this is not the case here.

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    24: The Game, The Website, The Wallpaper, The Preview

    On your store shelf this weekend comes this puzzle. Do you buy or not? Metacritic have only two reviews available from Edge magazine and Play Magazine, result? well it's neither a hit or a miss. Best idea would be to bookmark the page, then
    read the preview on IGN, (don't forget the overkill 245 images and 35 videos on site)
    next up a quick gander at gamespot's experience.
    Next visit the website and play the intro mini game, the interogation inner game and take a gander at what passes for wallpaper at 20th century fox. No doubt like me you still won't be able to make up your mind.

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    Battlefield 2 xbox360 new screens, movie

    From the illustrious ZTgamedomain 18 new xbox360 screenshots and one spanking new trailer. Yummy! though I'm still peeved I can't play the xbox version on my 360. Strange that the original xbox game wasn't compatibleized (?) earlier given it was released almost in sync with the 360. Surely EA weren't intending on capitalizing on those unfortunate gamers who now need to buy the (expletive deleted) game again albeit with updated visuals. Could someone sort it please?. Naively yours, the Elderly Gamer.
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    Google Adsense keywords

    This ad has been popping up a lot on this site, and i'm silently praying it's not a reflection on my content. I never mentioned toilet once on this blog,..............oh well that's torn it!

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    What's for sale #3 Onimusha ring, Lara and underground Japan

    From top to bottom:
    For 16,800 yen (€122, $144, £83) comes this hallmarked silver Onimusha ring with Lapis Lazuli insert.
    Capcom shop page

    Freestanding Cardboard cutout (nearly lifesize) of Angelina Jolie from the Tomb Raider game, for £25.99, USD$45.7 Euro €37.68 or 5,187 yen from cardboard cutouts

    Japan Underground (photobook). Images of Japan beneath the concrete from corridors of pipes to old tunnels used for movement of troops during the war, ventilation shafts, subway lines long forgotten and those under construction. $62 (€52, £35, 7,187 yen)

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    Rumble Roses Fan art

    Amazing what a poser kit and oodles of talent can produce. While Rumble Roses XX rules the roost on gamers buzzlists, the original still maintains a large fanbase and for obvious reasons. More exceptional high quality from www.roses.tenkokutenshi.com

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    3d Model #8 Faye Valentine

    Cowboy Bebop became one of the biggest adult anime series ever in the United States. Helping that popularity was Faye Valentine. Described as confident, audacious and independent, she is prone to heavy gambling but a consumate professional bounty hunter. We'll let Wikipedia take over

    "Faye awoke from her cryogenic sleep with total amnesia in a mysterious world that she didn't understand, surrounded by people who were all-too-willing to take advantage of her naïveté, contributing to the hardening of her personality. The surname "Valentine" was merely a name given to her by the doctor that awoke her; the circumstances of her accident, her previous life, and even her real name all remain a mystery, and are only gradually revealed as the series progresses. It has been hinted that she came from Singapore on Earth, and was the daughter of a very wealthy family, as the city's famous Merlion Statue features prominently in scenes of her childhood, and that memories and a film from her childhood showed her living in a large mansion."

    Model from Anime models
    Character profile absolute anime
    blog skin from blogskins
    Wallpaper from ludrem
    Faye Valentine fan site
    Sony Pictures (movie clips) Cowboy Bebop official movie site
    Cosplay from Ziggy's Cosplay

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    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    Eyecandy T

    Just making room

  • Tales of the Abyss ps2(japan)

  • Ten Hammers(multi)

  • Timeshift Screenshots (360)

  • Timeshift Fankit (360)

  • Timeshift website

  • Tomb Raider Legend

  • Tomb Raider Legend 360

  • Too Human

  • Trailer Mania

  • Ten Hammers website (360)
  • S Walkthrough Cheats

  • Saints Row

  • Sakura Taisen 5

  • Shadow of Colossus#1

  • Shadow of Colossus#2

  • Shadow Video Walkthrough

  • Fumito Ueda interview(ico shadow creator)

  • Shadow Hearts New World

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (360)

  • Soul Calibur2 (ps2)

  • Steamboat Chronicles

  • Stuckgamer goes Ada Wong

  • Suikoden V

  • Suffering: Ties That bind
  • D Walkthrough Cheats

  • Devil Kings ps2

  • Devil May Cry3 special ed

  • Doa4 cheats unlockables#1

  • Doa4 cheats unlockables#2

  • Driver Parallel lines
  • Metronome ps3 website

    Website , screenshots and the press blurb I could have cut and pasted, but heck we've been there before. Suffice it to say the game idea is unique and breathtakingly original, indeed the build up by Tarsier games has got my attention. Whether gamestop.com are right that the game will be released in October for the Ps3 is more doubtful.

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    Xenosaga III updated screenshots

    Okay so it's only a few screenshots, but if your a xenosaga fanatic like me then this will warm the cockles of your heart while we sit and wait and wait. See all the screenshots to date on Namco's official game website, or just view the updates on ztgamedomain

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    N3 Ninety Nine Nights (xbox360) updated screenshots

    Set for release in Japan on April 20th, updated screenshots on the Magic Box
    Another jelly baby* post from the elderly gamer.

    *Jelly baby? short and sweet

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    Eurogamer TV in your sittingroom

    Out of it's Beta stage and into our living rooms (or wherever your pc lives) comes Eurogamer TV. Why wait for your content on the xbox360 maketplace (repressed giggle) when you can see the newest trailers as they arrive the Eurogamer office. Why indeed. Take a look at the videos available on their contents page, read what happy bunnies they are now that they've launched their service

    And the following tasters in case you've no interest in travelling around the net.

    Elder scrolls oblivion, and making of

    Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter

    PKR online poker game


    Yep seems like Eurogamer are after some of IGN's 2 million hits a day.

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    Trapt (ps2) Review

    Protect your castle by luring your enemies into your booby-trapped world in this trap-action game. You'll play as Princess Allura, who with her cunning ways and brilliant series' of traps will always get what she wants, even if blood and body-parts are shed along the way.

    Isn't exactly what we may have been waiting for, take a look at the Eurogamer Review. Or visit the Official game page (Japanese), for some worthwhile wallpaper. Have a peek at some gameplay movies and screenshots on gamespot.

    Do not be confused by the rock band of the same name, or indeed the IGN review of their music, which from what i've listened to is a cut above the average. The game is also available on import under the title Kagero II and billed as the fourth(?) instalment of the Kagero deception series. IGN (more screenshots) have kindly informed us that the game is also known as Trapt: code Kagero, Kagero 2: Dark Illusion. But i'm still confused, though that may be the blood pressure tablets.

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    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) coming to Europe (ps2)

    Sega announce a European release for it's hit action-adventure title set in Tokyo.
    Ryu Ga Gotoku (like a dragon)

    " a former rising star in the Yakuza who is rebuilding his life after serving a 10-year prison term for murder – suddenly finds himself caught in a spiraling underworld plot involving a mysterious girl known as Haruka and a missing $100 million."

    The IGN Treatment (51 images, 14 videos)

    Deeko Review (8.5)

    Eurogamer Treatment

    Gamespot Treatment (import copy)

    Official Website (Japanese) (slow loading gave up in the end, but you may have better luck)

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    King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 (ps2) screenshots, website

    Hoping for a better reception than the original (6.7 on gamespot), this ps2 sequel primed with 4 new characters, new scenarios, survival mode, complete Mission mode and what appears to be improved graphics (judging from the screenshots) is building up to it's official Japanese release on 27 April next.

    Gamekult (French) screenshots
    Official Website

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    $2,000 for Revolution Development Kit

    First the controller, now the low entry price ($2,000) for Revolution Development kits. And with more than 1,000 kits already shipped, this is good news for mr. gamer. Why? think of it the low entry price, means more development teams, means more game diversity, means greater choices when I go to the store to pick up my latest RPG, FPS, RTS. Not good enough? then read the following quote from the IGN article:

    "Every studio insider we queried said that they believed Revolution could launch for under $200, and possibly as low as $150 - a figure that would amazingly put Nintendo's new console at a price point hundreds of dollars cheaper than any competitor. Nintendo itself has not yet commented on a Revolution price point, except to confirm that it would sell for less than $299."

    Just what's in the water over at the Nintendo offices? cause I'd like some. Story IGN

    Keeley Hawes, the new voice of Lara Croft

    Actress and former model Keeley Hawes is to provide the voice talent for Eidos Interactive's upcoming game Tomb Raider: Legend. Matt Gorman brand controller for the game has stated that the 28 year old actress is

    "perfect for the voice of Lara," offering the "right balance of aristocracy and attitude to really bring to life Miss Croft in all her glory."

    Story Pro-G
    BBC Biographical webpage
    Fansite homepage

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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    Marie-France Dubreuil Buzzlisted Female

    Curious as to why she made the buzz list, I went digging.

    Latest news


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    Pre-rendered videogame ads banned (UK)

    UK Advertising Standards Authority have ordered Activision not to show any more Call of Duty Ads in their current state. Upholding 3 (yes three) complaints to the Authority , the ads were deemed to have displayed graphics far superior to the in-game footage, leading the Association to brand them as "misleading" to consumers. Full Story gamesindustry

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