Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wonderous "Eclectic Delights" Bundle In a Box

Following on from their  succesful "Adventure" and "Deep Space" bundle offerings the now near legendary peoples at Kytarro Games present their third "Eclectic Delights" Bundle in a Box.    Nine rather extraordinary indie games in a bundle that goes further than any other indie game bundle known to man.

For a limited time only.....

Not alone do you get 9 awesome indie titles to brighten up your darkest hours, but in doing to so, help out a nominated charity AND support the development of young indie game developers by contributing to  Kytarro Games' Indie Dev Grant.

Soooh!!! without further ado, lets get unbundling and see what we've got in store...
(.....Rustle of parcel opening, a paper cut and some swear words...)


Delve Deeper (PC): the endlessly replayable and quite wonderful adventure/strategy offering by Lunar Giant, complete with ALLLLL it's DLC

War of the Human Tanks (PC): Frantic strategic battles in a story-driven and most original game.
Eversion (PC/Mac). Cutely disturbing platformer with Lovecraftian references.

Stay Dead (PC/Mac): FMV gaming is far from dead as action/rhythm/fighter Stay Dead (PC/Mac) effortlessly and most emphatically proves.

The 4th Wall (PC): The excessively surreal and deeply indie horror offering The 4th Wall (PC).

Fibrillation (PC). From Russia, With horror.

The Adventures of Shuggy (PC): an excellent, retro-inspired platformer that isn't afraid to experiment with new ideas.

Shadows of the Vatican (PC): Mystery point-and-click adventure  in both HD and regular flavours.

Flibble (PC):  Retro-tastique and actually hillarious, a shiny new maze-action game.

Exclusive Droidscape: Basilica content for the soon-to-be-released mobile action puzzler.
+ PLUS Eclectic selection of extras including soundtracks and digital comic books.

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