Saturday, May 19, 2007

Armored Core 4 Review (Ps3)

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Streamlined mech action affording a more user friendly experience for the mech battling novice. New storyline, new environments, and online capability scores 64% from 27 reviews on

Reviews Summary
More accessible than its predecessors
Complicated controls and imposing arsenal of body parts
Armored Core 4 isn't a must-buy for everyone
Short missions, bare-bones multiplayer, and the same ol' gameplay AC has been recycling for years.
What you purchase and equip is every bit as important as how well you play
A great opportunity, missed but must own for fans of the series
Mechs are highly customizable, environments are sparse and gameplay ultimately soulless.
AC4 offers up the hottest next gen, mech-on-mech action yet

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