Saturday, November 25, 2006

Genji: Days of the Blade Review

Based on the PS2 game "Genji," and set three years after the last chapter of Genkuro Yoshitsune's life, this sequel continues to expand on the historical accounts of feudal Japan.
Scoring just 58% from 14 reviews on

Ps3 Reviews summary
Gameplay in Genji isn’t will have fun for the 10 hours or so that the game lasts.
Flexes the Ps3's graphical muscle derivative gameplay makes it difficult to recommend.
A beautiful but deeply flawed game, the camera in this game hates you and wants you to die
Stunning visuals, a lush soundtrack, riddled with annoying camera angles, repetitive hack-and-slash action, confusing missions and load times that should never be seen on a next-generation gaming system.
May have passed for a launch-title on the Playstation 2, but on the Playstation 3 it is bland, repetitive and asinine.
No reason to put down $59.99 for this clunker, The lack of camera control is a travesty
All the beautiful graphics in the world can’t save a game as badly designed as Genji

Interestingly the official website features an SCEA warning in relation to downloads, if you want to download some wallpaper you automatically grant SCEA permission to use any information they collect about you as they see fit, hence no nice pictures of Genji in this post.... pity!!!

Screens on IGN
Genji Official Website

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J said...

I think Genji looks crap. It looks like Onimusha with better graphics.

The Elderly said... are all it had going for it.... apparently a few tweaks in the code would have made all the difference to gameplay, for the life of me, having spent all that time in development, why release it before it was ready....

Anonymous said...

Load times arent an issue with the game at all there are none simply put the disc in click install and it goes to the HDD eliminating them they put this option into ps3 to resolve the issue ps2 had of loading time. i just bought this game and agree the camera angles suck, i have the japanese version and cant really tell what i need to do sometimes but it has tutorials/pictures for anything and everything im halfway through now and the bosses are fun the battles are epic man does the camera suck and the combos in it are NOT just hack and slash if you played it you know that you get multiple multiple different combinations with different fighting styles for each character and multiple weapons for each character each with a different attack/combo style i have 4 weapons for each character at the moment and you can switch characters midcombo to complete ULTIMATE combos so i find it far less disappointing than i feared i would after reviews and it does have the best graphics and sound i've seen yes its not the best game around but i'd say give it a try before you cross it off your buying list because i kinda got into it despite the fixed camera angles from hell.

The Elderly said...

Ace overview anon, I have just reconsidered, i have no problems working around the few issues you mentioned...., now listed on my bargain bin must haves.... thank you!! a comprehensive review....