Saturday, August 04, 2007

Halo 3 Hands on Preview

Having been deluged with Halo 3 information for the last 3 years, I must admit to not particularily caring whether this makes it onto to my xbox360 or not. But even my over saturated little brain, couldn't help but be drawn to the following exclusive hands on preview by 1up

1up hands on preview

Halo 3 Website

The game is set for release on September 25th US and 26th Europe and there will be three, yes three retail packaging options for you to purchase on the day.

Standard Edition: which contains the game disc and a manual;
Collector's Edition: contains the game disc, manual, interactive Xbox 360 bonus disc with several featurettes
Legendary or Beastarum Edition: contains the game disc, manual, interactive bonus disc, Beastarum ( a "hard cover, bound collection of information and art covering the species, cultures and civilizations of Halo 3) and Legendary DVD containing special content exclusive to the Legendary Edition, and a scale replica of the Master Chief's Helmet as a case for the three discs.

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TheTimeRunner said...


I've already reserved my copy. Just wondering if I should take the week off. (Like I did with PSU on PS2 last year.)

And this is how my social world ends....

The Elderly said...

well unfortunately i see nothing wrong with it, having taken a week off for Oblivion.... more holidays I say...