Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mario Striker Charged (Wii) Review

Aka "Mario Strikers Charged Football" and the follow-up to "Super Mario Strikers". Participate in online matches and tournaments in both friendly and ranked games, in this offering from developers Next Level Games. Upon its European release, it became the first Wii online game to be available outside of Japan.
As welcome as it's predecessor with a score of 78% from 24 reviews on

Reviews Summary
A phenomenal addition to the Wii's library, one of the best gaming experiences around
A suitable curtain-raiser for online gaming on the Wii, but a balanced and deep extreme sports game this is not
Tricky AI later in the game, but multiplayer and online action makes this an essential Wii title.
Far from a perfect game, but it truly is fun when played online
Another game that sums up the ethos of the Wii - pure, unadulterated, accessible fun
Shallow and frequently frustrating but the fast-paced gameplay makes for a fun multiplayer experience.
If you've never played these soccer games before, now is the time to start
Most original and surreal take on the sport for years, Mario Strikers is a gem of a game.

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Phantasystar77 said...

I never played the first on GC. I've always wanted to though.

fatherkrishna said...

I need to get wireless broadband, as my Wii's online options remain as yet untapped!

TheTimeRunner said...

Not to sound off topic all but did you do something odd with your site Elderly? Every time I come on to your page my firefox freezes. (Thus my slight departure) Just curious.

As to the game, just another reason to own a Wii. End of June and the system is still number one. Can it keep up the pace till X-mas?

The Elderly said...

never played it either phantasystar, when it comes to football i'm a bit of a purest, having once renamed all the players on pro-evolution, it's been a while since I played a soccer game though this looks fun

an untapped Wii? FK for shame... tut!

Welcome back Timerunner, you were missed!!! Sorry if this place is freezing your firefox, I know how maddening that is, I use firefox myself and only occasionally does this place not load properly, it has never frozen on me though. I've made no scripting changes to the blog, the only thing i can think of is a new Amazon ad at the top of the page or the large number of youtube videos i have on the sidebar..... but your browser worked with the videos before i'm assuming....

dang... firefox accounts for nearly a third of visitors...

(seriously worried elderly heads back to the drawing board...)

sorry again for the freezing, I hate it when it happens to me (fixes a large tequila for Timerunner....)

(looks at FK....) tut!

gnome said...

Looks great, but guess I'll wait for FIFA...

The Elderly said...

I'll wait with you.....

...How long will it be...? only my tea is nearly ready....

Gnome? Gnome why are you looking at me like that?