Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rule of Rose Walkthrough

From the Goat Sister to the sick room in the Aristocrats Society, from the weapons list to killing the fat pig, it's all here from Gamefaq and in progress on Lunabean.

Rule of Rose Walkthrough from Gamefaq
In progress Walkthrough from Lunabean

Official Website
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IGN Screenshots

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DEITRIX said...

Elderly, did you pick up Dead Rising?? I just got the demo from OXM and I thought it was pretty cool, but not enough to go on..! Do you think its worth a buy? Plus does it ever get scary, creepy- heart racing stuff, like back in the day playing resident evil..?
Anyway just wondering-

The Elderly said...

Indeed i did, and a happy gamer i've been since, alot of trial and error, but it sucks you back in each time. completed main game and have started overtime mode, but I only rescued less than a third of the survivors (I reckon the full list would be well night impossible) so i've got some fine tuning and a lot more gameplay to go back to.

I'ts not in the least scary unfortunately, apart from the occasional jolt from an unexpected zombie grabber. The graphics didn't really grab me either, though the number of zombies on screen at one time is incredible.

It's a pure tongue in cheek treatment of zombification, but the gameplay is addicitive.