Monday, May 15, 2006

PS3 Controller, can't beat em? copy em

Bad News
In case you haven't heard the new Ps3 controller will have no vibration function.

Good News
The new (dual shock lookalike) will have a wireless and recharge by cable option (much like the 360, no sorry very much like the 360)

Bad News
Sony's legal fight over the patented "Dualshock" technology is still not resolved. Why they don't pay the patent fees is beyond me.

Good News
The controller now comes with a Wii-ish "six-axis sensing system" for "X-Y-Z, pitch, roll, yaw, and lateral motion detection", (much like the Wii controller/remote....... no sorry very much like) Sony have reported that the "rumble" feature interfered with the motion sensor. (yeah right!)
Update! 20thMay: Immersion technologies (the rumble people) have offered their tecnology back to Sony and offered to "fix" the supposed incompatibility problem.
See gamesindustry piece

Meanwhile back in the land of Nod:
Mr. Kutaragi (he of Sony Entertainment Boss fame) has reportedly stated that the pricing of the PS3 is "probably too cheap," likening the console to a fine dining experience. (laughed? I drank my tears). see earlier Elderly post

Hands on controller comparison Wii vs Ps3 from engadget
Gamesradar on the game developer kept in the dark on rumble less controller
Controller features in detail from Ps3 Fanboy

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