Wednesday, January 11, 2006

DOA4 "Tecmo we have a problem!"

Tecmo have acknowldedged there are problems with the US release of DOA4.

"We're aware of the issue... We're working to identify and resolve the potential problem with the technical folks at Microsoft."

Might I suggest it isn't a "potential" problem it's a serious problem. Hours of game play data wiped of your 360 hardrive is not Earthshattering I admit, but simply unacceptable considering how much people forked out for a premium product. A patch is promised, whether it can replace your save games, achievements, online ranking and the fruit of hours of gameplay is not clear. A t-shirt for everybody who experienced a problem would be a welcome addition to a band aid. May I suggest "I Patched DOA4" as an appropriate slogan.

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