Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pseudo sincerity, Moore on Xbox360 shortages

On European supply shortages

"My hope, certainly, is that everyone who wants one will get one by Holiday time, but the demand is overwhelming.”

What you didn't imagine we'd all want one? Have you lost your marbles, I'm getting a little irked with this oh we had no idea, we are completely surprised, we're doing our best to meet demand. Your clever marketing strategy is begining to backfire and all you can do is offer inane pseudo sincerity. Roll up your Microsoft shirt sleeves and get your executives over to the Factories working to match the expectation YOU created.

You poured millions into the marketing, the hype, the Mojave desert bash, and thought Europe would only want 300,000. Your either completely incompetent, or your treating us like idiots. Hop to it Monkey Boy or your loyal fanbase will bite back, all it will take is for the region free PS3 to start selling it's wares over the internet by March then your goose is cooked. .......................Phew! i need to lie down now.

Gamesindustry article


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