Saturday, November 26, 2005

Xbox360 customisation Faceplates

Well no sooner had I finished the last post when low and behold another commercial site. This one for faceplates. Although reading the blurbs, it appears that the faceplates are vinyl stickers not plates. At $9.99 a shot they ain't cheap. However facetags are developing software which will allow you to design your own. Tasty!, hopefully they will have reduced the price by then. Remember I cannot officially endorse this site or their products. Just like my dentures, it's a case of "suck them and see"



Xanthor said...

Hey sweet! I ordered from these guys when they launched and the just got the skin. IT ROCKS. Worth the cash because their design best.

BTW, love the blog Mr. Elderly!


The Elderly said...

Hey a happy customer jumping johasafash or similar, thanks for the comments