Monday, November 28, 2005

Rocketboom feature includes the Elderly

Thanks to the beautiful people over at Rocketboom, who were so kind as to feature this cobwebbed little blog on their quickfire video log. It seems our 10 ten reasons to hang onto your xbox piece caught someones fancy. For the broadband enabled you could do worse than pay them a visit. No it dosen't cost anything, no you won't have to sign up to anything, no it isn't a commercial site. As a teaser I included a piccy of the presenter Amanda Congdon. Yep I'm a happy pensioner!!!


1 comment:

El D'Rage said...

This should be a busy day for your blog - Rocketboom is a cool site with lots and lots of fans.

Are you serious? A site for elderly gamers? Are there any? You're about as "on the mark" as I am with my Elder Rap. I do rap for folks over 50 ... but, of course, none of 'em like rap! Bummer.