Thursday, September 14, 2006

Xbox 360 Dashboard Backgrounds September

A selection from Geek-o-Matic wallpapers
Top image entitled "Satany"
bottom "Shivers"
Click images for dashboard size

So how do you get them on your 360? well there's the long way
see the following
Setting your xbox 360 wallpaper
Themes? where the heck are they?

or simply Just plug in a USB flash memory stick into your PC and you can copy files from it to your Xbox hard drive and set them as the background of your dashboard. Unfortunately you'll have the same image across each blade, unlike the official xbox360 themes.

More Dashboard backgrounds

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Ross said...

Pretty nice stuff... are you gonna use any?

The Elderly said...

I had to test to see if they looked ok on TV screen, the 360 lops off the top of some images. I've left Satany up and changed the side blades and backgrounds to blend..... nice!

gnome said...

Quite a TV you must have there mr. Elderly...

The Elderly said...

you may remember i had to replace it recently...... (stares at Gnome)

gnome said...

Ah yes... not my fault really... I was just sitting there calmly and you guys were going bananas...

Still, change for the better I believe...

The Elderly said...

(continues to stare at Gnome) and how pray tell could destroying my TV set could be change for the better?