Friday, September 15, 2006

Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

Apt when you consider a score of 52% from 5 reviews on

Reviews Summary
Unfortunately the execution just wasn't there
More a hastle than a pleasure, control system is weak
Glitches, poor controls, shabby visuals
Playing as the rock is pretty dang fun...(?) but woefully underused
"been there done that" feeling, cheesy bond-like storyline
Gameplay mechanics are basic and repetitive

Spy Hunter Official Website
Screenshots from IGN

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DEITRIX said...

Well Im sure the movie will be the biggest blockbuster ever..!....hohum

TheTimeRunner said...

I love spyhunter.
I love the rock.

But why do I have an ugly feeling that not even these elements will reawaken the game series. Just stick with the basics like you did with the first Spyhunter.

The Elderly said...

you think i'd learn by now, move game tie-in and all, why seek to change what worked so well I will never know, don't they playtest before release?

gnome said...

Not really, no.

And the first Spyhunter wasn't such a gem y'know. It is fondly remebered of course, but so are lots of things from the 80s...

The Elderly said...!

gnome said...

Toes too...

The Elderly said...

LOL!!!!! can't seemed to remember the toes..... but then my toes were pretty unremarkable

untill they started growing hair