Thursday, November 09, 2006

Call of Duty 3 Review

Released in US (7th Nov) and Europe (17th Nov), on the same day as Gears of War....
scoring 85% from 10 reviews on

Reviews Summary (xbox 360)
Singleplayer campaign only lasts for 8 hours or so
The ultimate Call of Duty stew
Unvaried locations, irritating characters, mini-games all really grate
A visceral treat, does exactly as expected, minor improvements
Little to complain about outside of the lack of innovation
Call of Duty 3 could have and should have, been better than this
No considered approaches or tactical positioning, just advance and keep firing

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fatherkrishna said...

I've always been a bit (fecking) terrible at these games and first person shooters in general. As a child I was obsessed with WWII with action man, 'Battle' 'Commando' and 'warlord' comics. (can you imagine a comic titled 'Warlord' these days...)
I would have tripped out to be in a WWII RPG as a kid. Since then I've realised war is horrible. I think games based around specific 'real life events' themes limit the gamer. Titles based in grim realities can't be as much fun as Sci fi landscapes or cartoonish platforms can they?
I think you can replay recent events in Iraq on certain online games now can't you? I think that's a bit sick... maybe I'm becoming a bit of a reactionary old prude these days but putting the horrors of a real life war that people still living now have been affected by into a mindless shoot 'em up for kids who don't even appreciate or understand what really went on is definitely not my cup of Earl Grey.
god I can be a bit preachy at times... but I am a man of the cloth doncha know so maybe that's an occupational hazard...

The Elderly said...

Victor and hotspur were the order of the day in my time, with trading cards and bubblegum on the American Civil war...... I fully accept your point, there is a "moral" dilmena glorifying the carnage of war in a game, and there have been a plethora of such games in the last 5 years or so....... having said that.. Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms allowed me an opportunity to "taste" what it must have been like.... and that was much more shocking, it showed me how desensitised I had become to witnessing the documentaries and old photographs....

fatherkrishna said...

God you're good... i'd never thought of it like that... But i'd postulate that a very small fraction of the game players would have thought of it in that way either... Victor and Hotspur???
God Elderly!!! Just how Elderly are you? I remember both of those titles... Victor obviously glorifying in the victory (some years later over the Nazis...)
Hotspur? wasn't he some kind of medieval knight? Having been secluded in my lighthouse with only my DC and many barrels of alcohol over the weekend, and it being late on a Sunday and all.. I'm just going to fade into oblivion before it all goes pear shaped...

The Elderly said...

A star such as you will never fade, you might twinkle now and again specially after a few barrels... but fade never..... Hotspur had much the same content as Victor, in comparison it had better stories but worse graphics. Your postulation has taken root.... i'll water it till your back from Oblvion