Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Final Fantasy XII Review

While Europeans must wait till 23rd February 2007, be happy in the knowledge you won't be waiting in vain, scoring 93% from 32 reviews on Metacritic.com

Reviews Summary
A pivotal, changing moment in how RPGs are designed
Feels like an unfinished, conflicted game
So overwhelming, a proper review is impossible
Justifiably proclaims itself the best Final Fantasy on Playstation
Looks great, sounds great, has great writing, offers a lengthy and satisfying journey, has a great technical element, engaging sword-swinging and spell-slinging.
The best Final Fantasy game in over a decade
What all RPGs should aspire to be.
As beautiful as it looks, it plays even better

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TheTimeRunner said...

My brother owns this game now but I don't see the big to do with this go around.

The Elderly said...

...for anyone who hasn't invested time with a final fantasy title, the hype (what little there is) would be puzzling.... i've slogged my way through every ff title since vii, the gameplay in ff titles can often become tedious and annoying but previous games have always managed to build empathy with the characters, and the drama unfolds around them plays like a well scripted movie....