Friday, November 03, 2006

Lost Planet Hands on First Four Missions

Deitrix, (freelance reporter and Art Revolutionary) risking extreme frostbite, spots the essential overview of the first four missions on IGN, due Q1 2007

Lost Planet first four missions from IGN

"looks like it is all coming together..................Rewarding and challenging boss battles"

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DEITRIX said...

I cant wait for this game!! It shall be pre-ordered... I hope it sticks to a Jan. release..
Dec. for Japan and you guys get it around 2010... :)~

In some demo movies of the game I saw the main character running around with over 4000 pts in his T-Eng. or heater I should say- so you must be able to upgrade from the one he is wearing in the demo... It only maxed out at 999 pts! Which after getting hit a few good times it depleted fast. They say in the game it depletes faster or slower depending on the tempeture.
Anyhoo I think its going to be an excellent game! If they will now just go out and market it..?

The Elderly said...

...i realise the earlier demo was imprefect, but it has damped my expectation some.... though IGN preview of the first four levels restored my faith somewhat. lets hope i'm just overly fatalistic