Monday, June 11, 2007

Atelier Iris 3 Review

Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm, released in Japan as Atelier Iris: Grand Fantasm, though with a storyline unrelated to earlier releases. The rpg series where Alchemy forms an important aspect of the combat system. Scoring an average 63% from 17 reviews on

Reviews Summary
Short (?), slightly repetitive in scope, and lacking a compelling plot
Atelier Iris 3 is a retro-infused, highly inspired classic.
The series is stagnating in gameplay that was obtusely old-fashioned ten years ago
A good basic RPG that isn't too deep, but still has an entertaining edge.
n epic adventure is hiding in here somewhere, but AI3 doesn't bother getting around to it till it's done boring you.
Capable of scratching that RPG itch with its enjoyable Afterworlds, innovative battle system, and exceptional soundtrack
Enough depth and charm to keep players involved for the entirety of its 40-plus hours.

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Ross said...

I heard that this is a very mediocre series, but hardcore fans are really eating these games up. Oden Sphere is getting a lot of praise lately, have you checked it out yet, Elderly?

The Elderly said...

nope but i will now, im a sucker for run of the mill, no brain rpg's... though now that i think of it, ive never finished any... (becomes deeply self-analytic.... for days...)

Gate Into Blue said...

I've played the first and second AIs. The second seems generic, but the first is quite original. Not in terms of battle system, which is kindly described as 'retro inspired' but can probably be better described as 'an afterthought'. But the dialogue is very funny, and tends to make fun of the standard conventions.

The Elderly said...

Thank you Gate into Blue... means I better check out the first one.... I love my rpg's with a little humour.. sounds ace... thanks for taking the time to comment