Wednesday, August 30, 2006

37 New Titles for Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility

Well no sooner had I finished dinner, but I've now been presented with a portion of humble pie. Microsoft have added 37 new titles to their backward compatible list and updated 11 others. A software emulator is required for each original Xbox game you play on your Xbox 360 console. The elderly would like to say he is delighted with.

Burnout 3 Takedown (yesssssss!)
Fatal Frame II, Directors cut
Rogue Trooper
The Suffering (yessssssss!)
Ghost recon Island Thunder

and smiling that Call of Cthulhu, and Half life2, have been updated

When compared to Metacritic scores, I'm puzzled at the inclusion of

Catwoman (45%)
Aquaman (26%)
Torino 2006 (36%)
Trigger man (32%)

but hey i'm still a happy chicken
Thank you backward compatible update people!

Full list from game compatibility page on

whispers (battlefield 2, Morrowind, arx fatalis, cold fear, chronicles of Riddick, mercenaries, Sudeki) please!!

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gnome said...

Any news on Psuchnauts?

Mr. Schaffer would be extremely pleased mr. Elderly.

gnome said...

I did mean Psychonauts of course...

The Elderly said...

An absolute masterpiece of a game(from all accounts as i'm one of the idiots that haven't bought it)

rings backward compatible people.... .hi....psychonauts or maybe called psuchnauts in greece..... busy, yes i appreciate that.... but..... I was just asking........right well shove it up..........

no word yet Gnome

gnome said...

We'll have to wait then, right?

Oh and thanks for getting into all this trouble, calling long distance etc...

The Elderly said...

don't even think about it... I mean we weren't asking for a miracle, how hard can it be to code a software emulator..... am .... that was your mobile i used....

gnome said...

Nope. It was Gamer Cs. No problem...


The Elderly said...