Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Xbox360 peripherals I smell a ps3 coming

Microsoft press statement straight from Yahoo, theres a lot to get through so bear with me as I summarise in my own elderly way

Microsoft press Release Leipzig Germany Games Convention

360 exclusive home to Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and FIFA 2007 (this holiday season.... hmm! so not a full exclusive then....)

Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Alhambra coming to xboxarcade (quite successful board games according to an inside source)

Microsoft squeezes in a bit about games for Windows Vista ...... ho hum

Xboxlive vision cam
Available US September 19th and Europe October 6th

chat via video, send photo messages, put own face in a game, customise gamertag. Two packages available

  • xbox live vision ($39.99 €49.99) Camera, one month gold membership, headset, two free arcade games
  • and xbox live video chat Gold kit Camera, 12 month gold membership, another bloody headset, three free arcade games

Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel ($149) November

Xbox360 wireless headset ($59.99) November
when's ps3 coming out?

Xbox360 Wireless gaming receiver ($19.99) (a what?)
USB adapter use 360 peripherals on your pc

Xbox360 Faceplates ($19.99)
Halo, Viva Pinatta, Forza Motorsport

Wait theres more

360 to be launched in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia by November 3rd after the South African launch on September 29th.

I must say Microsoft know how to cram alot into one press release, I hope the press officer is paid on a per word basis. Seeing as Microsoft are committed to creating a "unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around gamers" news on some more backward compatibilty was sadly lacking (muggins is still stuck with his xbox version of battlefield 2 modern combat, crimson sea, fallout brothers of steel, marc eckos getting up, hell morrowind for that matter)

Leipzig Game Convention website
Full text of Microsoft's press release from Yahoo

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gnome said...

May I just add (trying to be helpul etc) that Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Alhambra are brilliant and extremely succesful board games...

They should do better than Xbox Live's UNO...

(and an excellent post too)

The Elderly said...

how could i live one lifetime and never hear of them... i've led too sheltered a life... i blame the nuns... actually Uno is one of the free games they're giving away

(thank you)

blogger post editing chap said...

I've edited your post to take account of Gnomes superior experience

gnome said...

It's amazing how many blogger employees pass through this place daily. Amazing.

Congrats Elderly!


The Elderly said...

wish they'd wipe their feet though, thats the second time i've had to mop the floor this year....

blogger post editing chap said...


The Elderly said...

thats okay....

gnome said...


(clap, clap)

The Elderly said...