Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blogger Buddies July in August

Yep i'm late, but hey i'm old.... things move slowlier here in elderly land. Same format one post from each buddie, which in my ancient opinion was exceptional. However as you should never trust old people especially when it comes to posting on time, i would urge you to visit the blogs yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Gnomes Lair
A tie, try as i might I couldn't separate either of the following.
From the omnipotent gnome who dispenses, "Random musings on video, pen and paper, board and various other games... And some other stuff too..."
Post:Save a Sega-Love a Dreamcast
6 reasons why you've got to own a Dreamcast, or die
Post: Baldurs Gate the Walkthrough era
You know you want to play it again, why not with let Gnome Guide you through with these essential links and walkthroughs.

Deixtrix Artworks
Missing in Action it appears, Concept art from an artist, gamer and latent fantasy writer, who it appears has disapeared down a very large broadband hole.......for the last month............

Dreamcast Junkyard
Another (i can't make my mind up which is the best post) tie between
Post: Top 5 Dreamcast emulators (so far)
Apparently the dreamcast you just purchased, having read Gnomes post above, is the easiest console to make pretend it's another console.....
Post: Official Dreamcast Junkyard Top Ten Best Looking Dreamcast Games (TM)
What your still here......

Gamer C
Another tie...... betweeen
Post: MUGEN, how to add characters and stages
An authoritative piece, on customising your 2d fighting experience
Post: Gamer C's Custom Wallpaper Volume 4
What your still here........

Halo 3 wallpaper........ 3 of them......... clickie linkie for wallpaper section

Costume Get
Post: Costumes in 720p
ah yes Mass Effect and the leather grain.........
Post: Xbox360 faceplate collections
and more importantly an ongoing project to index every 360 faceplate known to man or woman, or gnome or leprechaunette for that matter


now selling Ginkgo Biloba....... sniff! no no wait he's resurfaced


Can we give a warm welcome to Lame Gamer who has earned his place in the almost monthly buddie post..... a self confessed cranky geek with a passion for games even though which he admits he is "spectacularly awful at"
Lame Gamer Blog too small to hold him so he's moved to Lame Gamer Website
however a significant number of decent posts still left on his blogspot, including my favourite
"Lamer approved"
Post: Stubbs the Zombie not Evil
or a game even i can get to end on.....

Following the recent blogger carnival, I was approached in a dark alleyway by a gentleman called Chris Dolley who set up Randomberry Games in 1981 and designed, wrote and marketed games for the Apple in the early 80s. Chris has started a series of articles on his experiences in the early days of computer gaming -

So i've gotten round to giving him a mention and take a quick peek and low and behold the prolific author is already up to post part 8 in his
Confessions of a Computer Game Designer

although his confessions of a French film extra part three (milla jovovich in her underwear) may distract you somewhat.

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Gamer C. said...

Once again, thank you for the kind words.

DEITRIX said...

Yep, Im still pretty much M.I.A. or atleast wounded badly in battle and still on my death bed..!
Actually I just cant seem to catch a break with work causing me to travel now until Sept.
Im home for 2 days this week so I stopped in at my buddies office to use his net while he golfs...
Im still working on alot of stuff, but will probably be posting most of it in Sept. after I have the time finally to get hooked back up!
Well now I'd better go see what Gnomes been up to..? Talk to you soon...

The Elderly said...

always a pleasure Gamer C, no problemo.

Deitrix, hello my friend, give up work and spend the entire day drawing......... oh well it's a kernel of an idea. Looking forward to seeing you back Septemberish, great to hear from you again.

gnome said...

Thanks again my eldest of friends (3rd time thanking you today, but I do know, that after a certain age blatant flattering is much more appreciated than constructive criticism)!

And a fine mix of links...

Oh, hey, look, Deitrix is filling better... In fact he might just take walk!

The Elderly said...

after a certain age, indeed your right, but criticism is essential if one is to improve, though remembering what i ate for breakfast can be difficult, your thank yous are most appreciated

thank you

gnome said...

Thank you too...

And in case you forgot: Thanks!

The Elderly said...

how perceptive i had forgotten, thank you.. and in case i forget again thank you and your are most welcom....

gnome said...


Ah..yes... i remeber...

Thank you

The Elderly said...

your welcome thank you

gnome said...


The Elderly said...