Monday, December 05, 2005

Microsoft being sued for alleged xbox360 design flaw

"Robert Byers, who brought the suit, said the power supply and central processing unit in the Xbox 360 overheat, affecting heat-sensitive chips and causing the console to lock up."

The earlier report from CNET on the amount of power being used by the console and various spurious reports about crashing and freezing across the web, would have led to some concern amongst those interested in purchasing the xbox360. However the lawsuit, filed on Friday in federal court in Illinois, seeks unspecified damages and litigation-related expenses, as well as the replacement or recall of Xbox 360 game consoles. Earlier mention on this site to the dangers of moving your 360 does lend some weight to the argument on poor design. But recalling all the xbox360's? now i'm worried. I set up this site because I love my video gaming, and all I seem to be doing lately is reporting on more Xbox360 defects.

Report from Reuters

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