Saturday, December 03, 2005

10 people not to invite round for an Xbox360 Xmas

Top ten guide for the elderly gamer

  1. Jack Thompson, the anti-games lobbyist, who has just published a book subtitled "One man's relentless crusade to topple media giants and save your children from videogame madness." Get a life!
  1. The idiot who smashed his xbox360 on launch day. No link (he dosen’t deserve it), if you must look, Google no doubt will find his website dedicated to his “social experiment.” Hanging is too good for him.
  1. Senators Hilary Clinton and Joseph Liebermann, who claimed that sex and violence in games is spiralling out of control in the gaming.
  1. Anyone who is a member of the anti-xbox360 club (I kid you not!), you just never know they may want to play with yours.
  1. Your grandchildren, because you just know as soon as you turn your back this will happen.
  1. Anyone on xboxlive, who have just learned to curse and eat solid food for the first time.
  1. The web designer who advertised “In Stores Now!” on the website, when it appears even Santa is having problems getting his hands on one before Christmas. Smartass!
  1. Anyone who sold their 360 on ebay, believe me they’d sell your teeth if you opened your mouth long enough.
  1. The armed robber who made off with two 360’s in Virginia, 2 days before launchday. Yes your xbox360 is valuable
And finally Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who, now they've secured their own fat Government pension are attempting to increase the pension age from 65 to 67.

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