Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Condemned Walkthrough for Xbox360

Without further tardiness or wish to detain you beyond an arbitrary deadline
Condemned walkthrough for xbox360 on gamefaq

update! new and better from acheive360points
(under helpful information)

Wallpaper (3) sample above from (scroll down page)

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Darren Bell said...

Didn't take me long to finish this game without any walkthroughs or tips, but with a little help i can get all them sneeky birds and bits of metal that i missed throughout the game. Plenty of stuff still to unlock. It all counts to the Gamerscore. Cheers Great Help

The Elderly said...

Thanks for the comment darren, i'm afraid im getting the stuffing kicked out of me trying to get the melee medals.

Paul Kolter said...

my weapon of choice is the boot

Anonymous said...

at the last fight it will not lemme pick up the pipe or the wooden board whats goin on??