Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PS3 executive hasn't heard of the Xbox360?

Kazunori Yamauchi on the commemoration of the PlayStation's 10th anniversary, waxed lyrical on the upcoming PS3

"The PlayStation 3 is the first piece of hardware allowing photo-realistic computer graphics, and is the first game hardware that can perform calculations for physics simulation to the level of our satisfaction," said Yamauchi. "With a matrix of such elements, a new world of entertainment is about to unfold. This is the beginning of a world, different to that of what we have called "games" up to today."

Wait now, has the man been serving time in solitary confinement, is it me or does this sound a bit freakish? So there was no worldwide launch of a rival console then. And I wish both Microsoft and Sony would realise we're talking about games consoles not the second coming of Christ!,
"Photo realistic"?......... hey for the money your both charging were expecting "lifelike"

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