Friday, December 16, 2005

Santa arrives in Japan for epic Xbox360 deal

Update! From the North Pole press office:

It can be confirmed that Santa has arrived in Japan to negotiate an historic deal with Japanese toystores. Santa, who earlier this month had some harsh criticism for manufacturers Microsoft, said in a statement this evening

"Unfortunately my elves were handed the bluprints for the Xbox360 too late to ensure an adequate supply for everybody. The happiness of all the boys and girls who have been so good all year long is at stake. I beleive some 70,000 consoles could be lying unopened and unloved in Japanese stores on Christmas day. I cannot afford to let an opportunity like this pass."

Unfortunately Santa has issued an embargo on further press releases so close to Christmas. So thousands of American and European gamers will have to wait till Christmas morning to discover how successful he is. Good luck Santa!!!

The article Santa read to spark his epic journey can be found on GamesIndustry website

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