Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Soul Calibur 3 (PS2) Review, Cheats, Walkthrough

Aol games have awarded the next title in the Soul Calibur series
an impressive 8.2

Full Review from Aol
Cheats and Walthrough from Aol
Some iffy screenshots also on Aol

PS2 is begining to show it's age, if the screenshots are anything to go by.

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fatherkrishna said...

Having played the Original Soul Calibur on Dreamcast to DEATH (and loved every sword slashing minute of it, I was satisfied with Soul Calibur 2 for PS2... It wasn't quite the same but had enough of a feel of Soul Calibur to satisfy. When SC3 came out I just didn't feel it...couldn't get into it, and it has remained unplayed ever since! However, I did return to the original and still play against friends regularly. Indeed as is my tendency, I went further back in time scoring Soul Blade for the Saturn (which I never knew existed.)
Still anything with Soul Calibur in the title is good in some way so if you only have one of the consoles inferior to the Dreamcast (Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube - in which version you can play as Link from Zelda-) get SC 2 I'd still reccomend it!

The Elderly said...

i attest to having the inferior version, which i started in earnest and lagged quickly behind.... indeed the distinquished DCJ has heaped praise on the Dreamcast version of sc2, (adds sc2 to must play before i die games list...), heading to a bargain bin as we speak....