Friday, December 16, 2005

"Timeshift" game promo and screenshots for Xbox360

Set for March 2006 release "Timeshift is a story-based first person action game where the player must use elements of time control from a device known as the Quantum Suit to overcome obstacles, solve the game's challenges and defeat a variety of enemies.
Utilizing this Quantum suit, the player will possess amazing physical abilities to control time and motion.

Unprecedented Control over Time Elements: The player will possess the ability to slow, stop, hasten and reverse time allowing for unprecedented control over time in the game. The game-play implications of this technology are tremendous. Never before have players been able to control the game through control of time itself. Although some games have allowed for a cinematic slowdown effect, never before has time control been explored in such depth and with such a profound impact on the game-play.

Story and Setting

In the year 2025 war veteran Colonel Michael Swift is in the U.S. government's Quantum Labs in Washington DC where he is testing two of the most significant inventions of the century - a time-control device code-named the Quantum Suit and a time machine called the Quantum Transporter designed by professor Krone.

Swift travels back in time to the year 1900. He is now in Victorian Era Washington DC. Upon arrival he is stunned to see that Krone is already there. Before Swift has a chance to exit the transporter Krone runs up to him and activates the machine sending Swift back to the future.

Swift is now back in Washington DC circa 2025 - on the very same day he had left. The city is in ruins, a battle is raging around him. This was not the city he left. The world of his past is gone. War and tyranny reign and Swift's quest for truth begins..."

Swift and Krone, who names these guys and whats with the naff screenshots? surely you've got better pictures than that to show the general public. Best one featured
Screenshots and game info from Atari

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