Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Santa heads to Japan to get 70,000 Xbox360's

From the North Pole press office:

Begin Press Release

We can confirm that Santa is indeed heading to Japan to negotiate an historic deal with Japanese toystores, which if sucessful will ensure thousand of homes in America and Europe will have an Xbox360 for Christmas morning. Santa, who earlier this month had some harsh criticism for manufacturers Microsoft, said in a statement this evening

"Normally a trip like this, at this time of the year, would be unthinkable. Unfortunately my elves were handed the bluprints for the Xbox360 too late to ensure an adequate supply for everybody. However my reputation is on the line as is the happiness of all the boys and girls who have been so good all year long. Mrs. Claus has told me that some 70,000 consoles could be lying unopened and unloved in Japanese stores on Christmas day. I cannot afford to let an opportunity like this pass."

Mrs. Claus was not available for comment, but no doubt like the rest of us will be wishing Santa good luck on his unprecedented journey to the far East.

End Press Release

The article Mrs. Claus read can be found on the GamesIndustry website

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